A Solid Darrenatic Meets the Total Performer

ElisaWhen celebrities, artists, singers, and other famous personalities are discovered, their fan clubs and supporters gain popularity as well. As the road to stardom becomes imminent, there can only be two paths: a stronger fan base or a frailer one. They say that one cannot stay at the top consistently without its fans sustaining the status. This fittingly applies to the rising singing star, DARREN ESPANTO.

Despite his being born and raised in Canada, he was able to captivate the hearts of his kababayans through his astonishing talent and good-natured personality. He never ceases to leave a pleasing and sentimental mark in one’s heart when he sings.

Just about one and a half months ago, the so called “DARRENatics Fever” also started to trend simultaneously with Darren’s fame in the social media scene. Fans from all over the globe followed Darren’s journey in The Voice Kids and showed their relentless support through text and online votes. Many may have been disappointed or frustrated when Darren was not proclaimed as the grand champion, but it did not hinder them from expressing their outpouring love for him. It just wouldn’t stop. Fans are eagerly looking forward to his every appearance in television programs, mall shows, and concerts. Plus, his Twitter posts and endless updates in Facebook and Instagram made him even closer to his fans.

Let me share a story from one of his solid, and I mean SOLID fans. She calls herself a TRUE DARRENatic. Creating a Facebook account, posting on Instagram, using twitter, and even coming up with a blog were just few of the many things she did ALL FOR DARREN ESPANTO. Never did she realize that one of her Tweets will be featured in one of SUN STAR Manila’s article dated August 4, 2014 entitled “Darren Espanto’s performance hooks Kris TV viewers.” When asked, she said, “Once you start Tweeting for Darren, you’ll never stop. Unconditional support comes out naturally from a solid DARRENatic!” Furthermore, “Darren is like an all-in-one medication that heals pain, sorrow, depression, stress, and loneliness.”

From then on, she kept a close eye on all of Darren’s activities. She couldn’t stop hoping that someday she will have a son like Darren.. Until surprising news blasted out in public that Darren will be one of the guest performers in Lani Misalucha’s Philippine Concert Tour at the Waterfront Hotel and Casino in Cebu City. She did not waste a moment and immediately grabbed a ticket.

The feeling of anticipation that she will meet her idol soon enough couldn’t stop her from sharing it to everyone else. Flooding her social media accounts with comments and likes, she managed to meet all other DARRENatics in Cebu. Because of the high regard that she has for this phenomenal singer, she saw herself buying a simple keepsake for him and printing out a tarpaulin banner. Good thing that Astroplus sponsored a meet and greet session after the concert which was as a great avenue to see him up close and hand over the keepsake.

The venue was overflowing with DARRENatics on the night of the concert. They spread themselves all over the hotel and crowded the lobby.The fan met a lot of fellow DARRENatics ranging from all age groups. She secured a copy of the “The Voice Kids: The Album” sold at the entrance of the Pacific Grand Ballroom.

The concert was mesmerizing. Lani truly deserves the title, “Asia’s Nightingale” and Darren was just beyond compare. His enthralling voice and fascinating presence on stage kept the crowd screamingand shouting out his name. A TOTAL PERFORMER indeed! I heard her shout her heart out for Darren and made me wonder what kind of bewitching power this kid has on all his fans.

When the concert ended, she lined up for the “meet and greet” session, tagging along her daughter and niece. It was dumbfounding to see kids thrilled to see Darren. Their ability to distinguish real talents were quite keen.
This DARRENatic approached the table where Darren and the rest of the kids were seated. Mikah, her daughter handed the CD that Darren signed right away and Portia, her niece, gave the simple keepsake. She herself was stunned by the presence of her idol. The angelic and handsome face she used to see on YouTube and photo galleries were right there right in front of her. With gratitude in his heart and endless “Thank yous,” Darren stood up and leaned forward to have his picture taken with them. That was the only time that he actually stood up.. She was blown away by Darren’s kindness and affability. Unfortunately, the photo was cut and the kids were not seen on the photo besides their heads (camera was zoomed). Anyhow, the kids were exalted to see Darren and repeatedly saying his name out loud. Not being reprimanded by the crew since they were kids, they moved back and forth to the table which satisfied their reason for coming over.

As Darren and the crew left and headed to the backstage, the kids followed, where some fans took “selfies” with him. One of the production staff then handed the tarpaulin to Darren and had him sign it. Before the staff and crew assisted Darren to the exit, he left his flattered fans with a sweet smile.

Although Darren was no longer in sight, his aura and charming façade still lingered on. His cheerful guise and cordial demeanor was everyone’s word of mouth. She came home with spirits soaring high with gladness and contentment.
That lucky fan was actually ME! I should say that was an experience that will stay forever in my heart, a meeting that gave me so much happiness. This I will share to my children and grandchildren that at one point in my life, I have met an amazing kid who’s not only talented but with an amiable personality. I am confident that DARREN ESPANTO will make it BIG in the limelight! The gorgeous face behind the voice, the well-mannered personality behind every dance move will surely give him unbeatable success in life!

Thank you for the memorable night and soar higher, DARREN ESPANTO!

– Elisa Marie Lim


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  1. leah says:

    great read. ;)

  2. renan rebuyos says:

    nice :) darren is <3

  3. ……hello poh……im from bacolod city,loyal fan of darren….hehehehe….hoping na magkaroon sya ng concert here bacolod.

  4. Ang Galing :) DARRENatics <3

  5. bernadeth brier says:

    nice story po…nakakaiyak…

  6. Abby Fil Gatmaitan says:

    Nice !! i hope, mamemeet ko din si DARREN :)

  7. Sarren says:

    San ma meet ko si Darren…

  8. WOW!! no other words i can say..hope i am free to go out like you!!

  9. Hello ! Darren Espanto #SolidDARRENatics at #DARRENadiks po ako sana po makita kita sa personal kaso ang layo ng Davao sa Nueva Ecijia but okay lang kasi alam ko na lagi akung updated sayo nakita na kita sa DREAMLAND ko. Darren sana matupad mo lahat ng PANGARAP mo. i wish na sana mag kita tau sa PERSONAL. Darren tandaan mo to ikaw ay may lugar pa sa puso naming lahat. hinding hindi kami mag sasawang susuporta sayo dahil ikaw ay hinding hindi nakakasawa pakisamahan. DARREN love na love ka namin , i always pray at night god Godbless my Family Friends Darren and His Family give it energy at ilayo mo po sa disgrasya sana po si darren bigyan niyo ng lakas kahit pagod man siya may extra pa siya gabayan mo po siya sa lahat ng gagawin niya o gaganapin niya :) ILOVEYOUSOMUCH DARREN :)

  10. Nice story i dream na makikita ko si darren sa personal :)

  11. Jazrelle Von Louis Jungco says:

    Great experience ever, so far! We’re actually together with this woman. I also met our DARREN! But, I met DARREN at the Port (buffet restaurant). And that was actually a long one, meet and greet. :D I was actually able to escort/accompany him, I was beside him actually while we were walking from the restaurant to the lobby of the hotel, where they stayed during the concert of Ms. Lani Misalucha here in Cebu. I also was able to chat with him on what will he wear and sing in the concert. I really, really want to stop the time, his escorts during that time just to be with him for a little while. Haha.. and lastly I was able to watch him perform personally and meet and greet him AGAIN during their Album signing! I was able to touch his hand, shoulder, forearm!! He’s a sweaty kiddo/guy. Coz when I touched his hand, it was wet. Oh, I forgot I was also able to hug him at the restaurant, also Lyca, I hugged her. Til here! May I see him again! ILOVEYOU DARREN! I’M ALWAYS HERE FOR YOU NO MATTER WHAT WILL HAPPEN. Mwah! :) :-* <3

  12. Gingerly says:

    I met bebe love yesterday after All requests 2 concert and indeed, he’s really stunning, handsome and humble kid. I really love him. I consider yesterday as one of the happiest moments of my life! I love you Darren!

  13. Gingerly says:

    I met bebe love yesterday after All requests 2 concert and indeed, he’s really stunning, handsome and humble kid. I really love him. I must say that yesterday was one of the happiest moments of my life! I love you Darren!

  14. Gingerly says:

    Nice story po!

  15. Mel gonzales says:

    Darren is so blessed to grow up from a GOD fearing/loving family. His character/traits prove it. He’s very real, nothing “phoney” about him. He’s a very sweet, loving and humble kid, a total performer and the gem of the family. I’ve met him and his family 2 years ago, when Darren got into the final 6 of ytv’s The Next Star, here in Toronto, Ontario. I got pics of him w/ my apo liam, and his family. I’m 67 years old but honestly, I’ve been 1 of his soooooo many fans here in Toronto, always watching over and over all his videos in you tube.

  16. john Dexter says:

    Saan po ang what time

  17. heilee says:

    you made me cry Ms Elisa Marie Lim, my wish is to see Darren someday and to have a son like Darren. Darren is indeed a a humble and handsome young man. He is AMAZING!

  18. Hi :) Im from Bacoor Cavite :)
    sana po mag mall show din si Darren dito sa SM Bacoor :)

  19. Geraldine Cerda says:

    As I was reading this article I couldn’t help but cry.
    DARREN is indeed an amazing boy.

    I look forward to seeing you in person…

  20. Zendy Dawn says:

    wow grabe talaga si ate elisa! hoping to meet darren soon too.. :)

  21. Jonem Mae says:

    naiinggit ako :’( sana ma-meet ko rin si Darren.

  22. meyla says:

    Ur so amazing kiddo keep it up☺
    Diehard fans
    4m SG w/love!!!

  23. ang galing talaga nang gumawa nito talagang mahal na mahal na tin si baby darren

  24. adrianne says:

    Ang swerte mo naman. Taga Cebu din ako but I didn’t get the chance to go to his concert dahil di ako pinayagan ni Mama. Well I’m still 15 pa naman eh

  25. myra says:

    wow ang swerte naman next time ako namam suswertihin kay bebe Darren.. see you soon Darren :)

  26. Lorna Taz says:

    Very well said..thanks for sharing…God bless Darren and Darrenatics..

  27. neka duran says:

    wow ang swerte mu sana ako

  28. princess joy joven says:

    Very inspiring story! GodblesS you po I love you darren!<3

  29. abby anonuevo says:

    Hi.!.pwedeng next tym darren sa sm bacoor ka nmn sa philippines din….. Para makita na kita in personal.!!! Waah.!!! Thank.!

    Sana matupad ung wish ko darren.

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