The Debut Album Launch: A Success!

darren alcum launchThis day definitely marked a remarkable moment for the phenomenal total performer as he proved once more his contributions in the music industry. The Fisher Mall in Quezon City was filled with excitement as Darren Espanto invaded the activity area on the successful launch of his self-titled debut album on the 10th of December 2014. Despite the occurrence of typhoon Ruby (also known as Hagupit), which cancelled the original schedule of December 09, 2014, the event was made possible through MCA, Astroplus, and Fisher Mall. It came after the sold-out ticket selling from Aqueous Events Management for Darren’s The Total Performance Concert 2.

MCA prepared a booth on the left side of the cordoned area’s entrance. The copies of the album was on the table, together with other merchandise that includes Darren’s mini standee, poster, and pin. The album selling started at 10am and the buyers were provided with a receipt that contained a number that will be used as reference when entering the cordoned area. Purchasers were also given a raffle entry per album purchased for a chance to win Christmas giveaways. One of the much awaited raffle prizes was Darren’s blue-hooded jacket with a big neon “D” in front, with yellow colored sleeves. Hours before the launch, the hall was already filled in with DARRENatics from all ages eagerly waiting for the total performer Darren Espanto.

Minutes before the event, the electricity suddenly went off in a jiffy, which made the DARRENatics worry that the show may be called off. But, the excitement continued when the crowd learnt the arrival of Darren. Later on, MCA started to prepare the area for the launch since another activities (irrelevant to Darren) were piled up on the area before the occasion. Afterwards, people, who purchased the albums, were gradually invited to get into the cordoned area based on the number written on the official receipt from Astrovision.

darren album launch1Everyone was thrilled when the Pambansang Bro Rick Stryker of PinasFM 95.5, who was wearing a white shirt with blue jacket, a maong pants, and a white shoes, formally introduced the beginning of the show. He gave a brief description about Darren and his album and set expectations about the event proper. He announced that Darren will be singing the top 4 most requested songs on the album. Further, it would be followed by the meet and greet session where album purchasers will have a chance to get the album signed by Darren and a photo from the official photographer of MCA. Rick even encouraged the audience to vote for Darren’s songs on the radio station so DARRENatics could listen to them. Subsequently, he asked the audience to cheer out loud and let Darren hear it. In response, the crowd produced a varied, enthusiastic, cheering sound which filled the entire area.
A moment after, he introduced Darren’s guest of the night, Edray Teodoro from camp Kawayan, who was ranked sixth on The Voice Kids Season 1. The audience was pleased with the first song from Edray, who was wearing a black sleeveless shirt with an abstract design in front, a black leggings, with a matching necklace and bracelet on the left wrist. She started the show with a bang when she gave her interpretation on the song “Tulak ng Bibig, Kabig ng Dibdib.” After the performance, she further entertained the audience with her jolly personality as she encouraged the crowd to listen to Darren’s album songs. She even uttered, “Mas lalo kayong maiinlab kay Darren kapag napakinggan n’yo ‘yun,” referring to the song “In Love Ako Sa Yo.” Next, she brought in another fun as she introduced her next song ‘Beautiful’, which was part of The Voice Kids’ The Album. However, she wasn’t able to finish the song because the background music jumped on the last part. She humorously asked what happened to her song. The Pambansang Bro entered the stage and comically commented that the minus one disc seemed very used. Despite the scenario, the crowd was still very pleased with her performance and lively attitude on stage. Afterwards, Rick announced the release of Edray’s solo album by next year.
After the wonderful performance from Edray, two winners of the raffle were each given a Line doll. Next, the host Rick invited three fans from the audience to volunteer and sing Darren’s song “In Love Ako Sa Yo” for a game. Three beautiful ladies bravely went up on stage to take the challenge. The contestant with the loudest claps would be the winner. One of the contestants missed the lyrics of the songs which gave amusement to the audience. She was given the second chance to redeem herself. But, she did miss the lyrics the second time which made the audience even more amused. As a result, the second contestant was declared as the winner and received a Line doll for a prize.
darren espanto album launchAfter the thrilling game, the crowd was more delighted as the host started to introduce Darren, who was wearing a white shirt with ink blotted design, black sleeveless jacket, with matching black pants. As soon as Darren headed out on stage, the crowd went wild, people across the hall started to take photos and videos of him, and his fans gave out an overwhelming cheers. Some part of the audience even ran in front of the podium to get a clearer picture of him. Some did went up on chairs to have a better view of him. Everyone was definitely hyped to see Darren. The excitement was doubled when Darren began to sing his famous album song “In Love Na Ako.” DARRENatics were fascinatingly singing with the tune of Darren. Subsequently, Darren frisked to the song “Stuck,” which touched the hearts of the audience with his magnificent performance. The music shifted to “Ewan Ko,” another most favorited song on the album. Darren definitely owned the stage as he captured the hearts of the audience. The loud cheers of the DARRENatics resonated on the hall when Darren finally belted out his famous The Voice Kids Blind Audition song, “Domino.” Everyone was absolutely ecstatic as Darren thanked his supporters. Then, he waved hands and left the stage to prepare for the meet and greet session.

Afterwards, Darren went back on stage wearing a black shirt with a white colored slant in front paired with a black pants for the album signing. The audience was generally excited as everyone lined up for the meet and greet session. The fans from all ages and genders, who purchased the album, had the chance to have their album signed and to take a picture with Darren by MCA’s official photographer. The photos would be uploaded on the Facebook pages of Astroplus and MCA.
darren jacketFollowing the meet and greet session, the raflle draw continued. Winners received KitSound PocketBoom wireless speakers and Line dolls. For the grand prize, the lucky winner received the much coveted Darren’s hoodie that he used last December 06, 2014 on The Voice Kids All In concert at the PICC Plenary Hall. When all of the prizes were given away, Darren had a selfie with his fans at the back. He ended up the event by thanking all of the sponsors and his supporters. Lastly, he encouraged everyone to vote for his music video in Myx and for the Start Cinema awards.
Darren definitely ruled as the event turned out with a blast on its sold out debut album launch despite the threat of the recent typhoon. The DARRENatics were united once again to give an all-out support to this outstanding kid. For this matter, his exceptional talents and great character would definitely bring him to success.

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  1. Mimi says:

    Grabe galling ni darren at nung writer

  2. Angel says:

    Ang ganda ng mga kanta niya sana gold na din album niya bili na kayo mga darrenatics

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