D Celebration of Life

Happy Birthday DarrenMay 24, 2015 is a day of thanksgiving and celebration for thousands of DARRENatics around the globe. A day when everyone, regardless of belief and ethnicity, come together as one and celebrate the day when Darren first breathed life in this world. Today is D BIRTH DAY and this is his Day!

Photographs and greetings for Darren has been sprouting out as early as 2 months before his birthday. This goes to show how excited the DARRENatics are. Groups have been planning on how to make this day a blast and make him feel special.

Born in Canada 14 years ago, Darren is a shy yet innately talented kid. But through the years, he has discovered his true passion and his love for music led him to his dreams. As we remember Darren as a child, we acknowledge and praise all his parents’ love and sacrifice for him and his journey. Lyndon and Marinel Espanto, superb parents of the Total Performer, did a wonderful job raising Darren to be a great person. They have brought him up with exceptional values and teachings that carried him all the way to his stardom. This is every parent’s mission, to nurture their kids with the best lessons in life.

Turning 14 with all the limelight glaring at him, may not be easy. But Darren and his family stayed strong as they conquer the challenges that are tagged along with it. Thirteen years ago, he was a simple kid with a dream, now he is living his dream. The best thing about Darren is that he keeps his feet on the ground and is very appreciative of all his supporter’s efforts.

On his birthday, we see countless of messages and well wishes for him and his family. Let us all continue to pray for his mounting career, optimum level of health, and immeasurable happiness.

But the best gift that we can give him, is sharing the special day with him on May 29, 2015 at the Mall of Asia Arena, as he celebrate life’s success. D Birthday Concert is a once in a life time opportunity to get together with all the DARRENatics and just have FUN with Darren. This is his very FIRST birthday concert, first of the many more to come. What are you waiting for DARRENatics? Grab your tickets now and be part of history.

Darren Espanto Birthday Concert

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  1. yvonne gesmundo says:

    happy happy happy 14 birhday darren espanto i wish for you sana hindi ka magbago hindi ka maging sakiy ng ulo for your mother and father pero alam ko namang hindi mo gagawinyon ….. and i’m sorry because a’m not attend for your concert celebration kase malayo ang los banos laguna …… Pero i’m ok kase may ibang araw panaman para makita kita ng personal .And sana maslalo pang lumago ang karil mo… and happy happy birthday ulet darren espanto madami kaming sumosoporta for you …….. I LOVE YOU DARREN ESPANTO <3<3<3<3

    • bridgette says:

      Happy,happy 14 birthday darren espanto I wish for u sana nding ndi magbago ang iyong ugali at sna ndi ka magsakit ng ulo sa iyong mga magulang and I know nmn na ndi mo gagawin yon and I’m very,very sorry because I’m not attend for ur concert celebration kase malayo ang bagong silangan quezon city… pero I’m ok kasi may ibang araw pa nmn para makita kta in person and also sana maslalo pang limago ang carrier mo..and I repeat happy,happy,happy birthday to u DARREN ESPANTO kami rin ang mga sumosuporta for u … iloveyou DARREN ESPANTO
      To:the bday boy darren espanto
      We love u so much

  2. Ralph Cayetano says:

    Happy 14th Birthday sa nag iisang Big D and Mr. Domino na si Darren Espanto. Sana one time mag kita tayo. Hindi ako naka punta sa Marquee Mall noon, nung nag perform kayo nila Mr. Martin Nievera. May pasok pa kasi ako nun sa Holy Angel University. And akala ko na rin nun makikita kita sa Marquee Mall nung May.15,2015 kaso hindi natuloy yung event. Pero Its okay makikita parin naman kita and i hope na sana mangyari yun :) And ang wish ko lang sayo ay stay strong, always stay humble, and wag kang susuko sa mga dadating na problema mo sa buhay mo. Nandito lang kaming mga Darrenatics na sumosuporta sayo and sana rin mabasa mo itong message ko I Love You Darren Espanto <3 :D

  3. Kyla Kaye Bausa says:

    Happy Happy Birthday Mr . Domino !! Sana huwag kang magbabago <3 ung kung paano ka namin nakilala simula nung una ehh ganun ka parin ngaun !! :) Mahal na mahal ka naming mga Darrenatics !!! :) :D GOD BLESS YOU <3 More birthdays to come !! Nandito lang kaming mga Darrenatics for you .. To support love and defend you .. Thank you also for giving us insparation .. Always Stay Humble !! <3 :D Sana soon makita rin kita !! :) at makapag selfie tayo :D hindi pa kasi kita nakikita sa personal eihh … Again Happy Happy Birthday Darren !! God loves you :D :) Sana makita na kita :)

  4. Hi D! Happy fourteenth birthday and many many more blessings to come. You are the sunshine of the Darrenatics and you lift us in the power of your humbleness and extraordinary talent. I know I may not be the best fan or supporter but I was so sure of this feeling I have inside me. That this inspiration I got from you will take me somewhere else where I can fully understand everything and appreciate the simplest thing. This was all because of you.

    As you continue your journey to your dreams, please always remember that we are here for you. We won’t be called Darrenatics for nothing. Fourteen ka na! At mag-iisang taon na rin tayong magkakasama. You’ve reached the peak of your Tower of Goals and I wish you more projects, guestings and shows to come. I wish you good health and keep your feet on the ground, unless lilipad ka kasama ako. Nye, korni.

    Happy birthday!

  5. Thank you for painting the world bright green with hopes flying around. God bless!

  6. Angel says:

    Happy 14th brthday bunso wish ko sa iyo good health more concert to come and more album and shows.Good luck to your brthdy concert sana msold out n tcket.Stay humble god bless you alwys take care love you bunso

  7. kaysielyn roca says:

    amm. happy happy b-day to you.. i know khit di mo ako kilala.. super fan mo ako… amm i wish you all the best nlng.. haha. sana dii ka magbabago ahh.. kapg sobra sobrang sikat kana satay on what you are… hmmf. ibinigay ni God yan sau.. kaya pag ingatan mo,, you’re so verylucky …. GOD BLESS YOU and more b-day to come… and sana mameet kita in person ,, pero alam kong malabong mangyari yun… :) remember stay humble and i always support you khit na dii ako makaka punta sa concert mo ahh sorry wl me money eh haha… enjoys mo nlng.. :) and good luck nlng sau… don’t forget si God and your Health..

    from: kaysielyn ann Roca

  8. Chelsea says:

    Happy Happy Birthday Darren!!! Wish ko sa’yo ay good health, maganda ang flow sa career at maging matatag pa sa mga challenges niyo ng pamilya mo… Alam mong hindi mo ako kilala pero sana magkita ulit tayo gaya nung sa MarQuee Mall nung September 25 sa Alviera. Sana huwag kang magbago, always stay your feet on the ground at tandaan mong mahal ka naming mga DARRENatics. God Bless You.. xoxo

    P.S. Hayaan mo rin ang mga bashers mo. :D

  9. Clyde says:

    Happy Happy Birthday Darren Espanto!!!!! Nagpapasalamat ako dahil naging part ka ng aking buhay nagpapasalamat ako dahil sa tuwing naririnig ko ang iyong boses ay nawawala ang aking pagod…. :)
    Sana dika magbago andito lang kami ng Mga DARRENatics para sumoporta para sayo araw araw….
    Sana magtuloytuloy ang iyong pag-angat at sana lala kapang bigyan ni god ng Blessings sa iyong pamilya :)
    Number 1 Fan mo ako kahit hindi pa kita nakita… :)
    at sana magkita tayo…..


  10. Rolando says:

    happy b day … Big d.. you are a trend setter and you are the best… i felt bad that i can not watch your concert because i am working abroad.. but hopefully you will have another one again once i am in vacation . for sure that is a big success. and i am congratulating you now in advance. For a very well mannered boy like you a very humble you will go a long way.
    Keep it up and hoping to watch you act on a big screen.
    we love you Darren..

    GOD bless…dyos ti agyaman…

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