Darren Espanto: The Prince of Modern Youth

img_0179-3-2“Prince of the Modern Youth”— that’s how the fans branded the 13-yr old Darren Espanto. As a not-so-young fan (yes I am!), I was expecting for like “Prince of Pop”, “Pop Heartthrob” or just the “Total Performer” to be linked in his name as he journey towards stardom because I thought they best describe what Darren is— a multi-talented young man. But then the former title instantly trends and a lot of fans even agreed to give this to their prince. I am pretty sure that the administrators and members of the most solid fan-based group of today had their justifiable reasons why they came up with such title.

Darren, being born and raised in Alberta, Canada received a lot of criticisms and even questioned his rightful identity of being a Filipino. People would say in their comments that he is not a real Filipino, his parents opted to leave the country and adapt different culture so they don’t even have the right to be called such in the first place, and thus he is not qualified to win in the contest he joined. Let me remind everyone how we suppose to call the OFWs… they’re called (?) YES! They are called the modern heroes! I will not dwell more on this because common sense implies that they are Filipinos still, and logic dictates that like any other contestants, Darren should have been given the equal rights in the whole duration of the contest. And where on earth could they find a teenager embracing his own language in a foreign country? Kris Aquino said in her program that the good thing about the Darren is that his diction both Tagalog and English is so clear. I personally think that that alone is something that we all should be proud of. In this modern times, people would intentionally sound like foreign to be more conyo or more elite. But here’s a boy born from a country miles and miles away from the Philippines who talks, understands and celebrates the language.

In the beginning of this article, I mentioned the age of Darren and now I will give so much emphasis on it. He just turned 13 last May and yet he was so willing to pursue his dream. Are you not yet convinced how willing he was and is? Well, we all know that he travelled all the way from Canada to audition and now, he is away from his family… imagine a 13-yr old kid away from his family for his dream! He turned his back on the comfortable life that his parents have been preparing even before he was born. He doesn’t have to do this because the family needs it, he is doing it for his dream because he knows that the Lord has blessed him with extraordinary talent. At age 13, he knows the path he wants to take and that’s pretty admirable looking on the totality of youth today. But that’s not yet the whole story. Even in Canada, he persevered, he fought and armed with all the learnings and the same faith in himself and in God, he flew back in the Philippines and the rest was history.


Now, he’s taking the path towards superstardom where he could influence people and be a role model. In these cruel times, I say with so much emotions that the country, the youth needs him. We need somebody who is more than just a talent, more than just a pleasant face, we need someone we can picture our children to be like and actually be proud of it and that makes him the “Prince of the Modern Youth”.

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  1. Ferje says:

    Very well said. I truly agree. As a parent, I admire this kid and admire more his parents for raising a very humble kid. I want my kids to grow up like Darren. Determined to reach his dreams. An obedient and a responsible son. I am convienced that his parents trust Darren. For him to be left behind, alone with his relatives, is a big sign that Darren can very well manage himself away from his parents. I just hope and pray that he will be able to reach his dreams and inspire the more youth to be a responsible young Filipino citizen.

  2. Hannah says:

    I like the names. Darren is ‘Down-To-Earth’. He does everything just to make his fans happy. Even when he’s sick or tired. He still goes on. But I know there’s a lot of Darrenatics out there that is really worried for him. Because he might get a dangerous sickness because he never stops making fans happy even when he has a condition big or small. That’s what makes him so special and loved by millions and million of people all over the world. And I want to suggest titles for him. “Prince Of Talents” “Blessed Being” “Down-To-Earth” “Talented Star” “Famous Celeb” and etc. I can’t think of anymore. And also, I wish I could be his Assistant one day. To help him let his fans feel that he’s really alright and nothing to worry about. And others when he needs things like this like that… :)

  3. darren is so very talanted kid……he is so handsome and cute..i love you mr.domino <3

  4. pipey01 says:

    he deseves to be called prince of modern youth

  5. Yiel Atienza says:

    Darren deserves it! Syempre baka nga maging ”AMBASSADOR OF GOOD MANNERS AND RIGHT CONDUCT” pa yan ehh dahil sa respeto at galang nya sa ibang tao! Hindi natatapos ang isang sentence nya na walang po at opo! Hahaha! Super Bait dba?!
    Ituloy mo lng yan Darren for sure mas marami pang titles or itatawag sayo ang mga fans mo! At syempre maraming projects din sana ang dumating sayo! Good Luck sa concert mo!

  6. Kim says:

    I TOTALLY AGREE…most of the times, we pinoys come to a quick judgement that just because a person was born in a foreign country that they don’t have the right to be filipinos…more than the citizenship, it is the pure heart of nationalism that abounds. I myself is a naturalized US citizen but i’m proud and i will take it to my grave that my nationality is FILIPINO.. Same as the kid’s parents and the hundred of thousands of other filipinos (including myself), why did we choose to leave our country and brave the hardships, sadness and even the warzones. Simply, we all have a dream, to make life a little easier..

    I salute the parents for yet another sacrifice. For their unconditinal love of sharing this kid to us… May we, in turn, return that love by taking good care of him . Ensure the family that indeed Darren will be okay.

    Lastly, to everbody who takes an extra step to make Darren’s stay in pinas more bearable as he pursue his dreams, the only word i have for you is RESPECT… May your tribe increase!!!!!

  7. Byeol says:

    This blew me away! indeed! he is the perfect model of the youth today. What I observe and Love about Darren is how he keep himself on the ground..Humility is not just in him..it is HIM.it shows naturally without any pretentions. It’s so natural that it radiates and make him shine even more. No words can describe how admirable this kid is..
    A salute to his parents.For their love and selfless acts.

  8. Glo Escarcha says:

    He deserves all that succes and lalo pa siyang sisikat He is a very down to earth kiddo. Kaya everybody loves him.

  9. Pamela Fudot says:

    I think he totally deserves to be called “The Prince of the Modern Youth “….he’s doing very nice to his fans..he never cancels any shows or concerts evdn if he is sick..i like him so much because he is so humble..
    im a solid darrenatic girl…i wish i could be a star one day just like him.

  10. Mae A says:

    I like this article. It captured everything about Darren, fans, dreams and character. Thanks. We will support him all the way.

  11. anjanette pe says:

    Galing! Bagay na bagay “Prince of the Modern Youth”..Perfect for Mr. Darren Espanto

  12. michael gecain says:

    Very well said! All those words that I had read here was really made me sad. But still thankful with our God who had been guide him all the time where ever he will go. Such a blessing to us! What a talent. God Bless your mission my dear
    great idol :D

  13. ma dolores b. bongalonta says:

    This kid is everything rolled up into one. I salute his parents for a job well done when it comes to tearing Darren. He is so selfless and well mannered that’s wha make him loved by his fans, aside of course from his versatility when it comes to his talent. Stay as humble and mannered as you are. You are our baby boy..

  14. Olive T. says:

    To solve the problem of citizenship, Darren’s parents could go to the Philippine Consulate General in Calgary, Alberta to apply for dual citizenship under RA No.9225, also known as Citizenship Retention and Reacquisition Act of 2003. Bring the necessary documents and pay the needed fees. They are specified in the internet. They can reacquire their Filipino citizenship and the benefits that go with it.They could also apply for derivative citizenship for children 18 years and below
    so Darren and his cute sis could also both have Canadian and Filipino citizenship.

  15. Raymark Magalon says:

    Darren Is so Nice!He Is Never BeCome BOustful after He Is Become Popular,He Is Stay for Us a Good People And A Good Model!
    I BeLieve He Is Gift oF Our God!
    Darren Be patience To All People!

  16. leila says:

    dapat nga sya nlng ang isang artista eh dhil karapat dpat sya pogi n nga mabait p

  17. Hindi lang siya gwapo mabait at mapagmahal sa magulang at kapated :) You deserve to be a Everyone’s Inspiration <3

  18. Tom says:

    He is such a wonderful kid that youth of today should emulate.Nasa kanya na ang lahat! Best of everything is what i always wish for him and his family!!

    • “Prince of Totality” – “Humble Prince Of Music Industry” – “The Next King of all Concerts”….. what more can I say to this young Man,,,,??? Ow, Darren….. Idol talaga kita!!!!!!! Makikita din kita Someday sa Personal!!! Tandaan mo yan ha!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  19. Jeff Regio says:

    Such a fine young man, his parents raised him well. He never fail to amaze all of us whenever you see his presence, may it be singing or just a simple conversation. Truly “The Prince of the Modern Youth”. It it such an honor and I’m so proud to be Darrenatic! I wish the kid more blessings!

  20. Darren is very….very..talented and he is handsome….boy “I love Darren Espanto”very much he is my one and only crush……

  21. joyce fatima says:

    Everything was well stated. He is indeed one of a kind and that is all I could say. He is just so amazing. I’ll will always be and forever be a Darrenatic.

    • joyce fatima says:

      Everything was well stated. He is indeed one of a kind and that is all I could say. He is just so amazing. I
      will always be and forever be a Darrenatic.

  22. deserving k tlga Darren :D you’re amazing voice, the way you perform in stage. grabe super galing mo tlga.. keep it up! baby boy, Big D, Darren <3 awesome! ^_^ Godbless.

  23. Anaiah Ella says:

    deseving talaga maganda ang boses atsaka gwapo pa he is only a canadian boy but a filipino with a pure hearted boy lave you Darren!!!! <3

  24. Mavik Lustre says:

    Very well said po! :) Darren is really amazing. I know that he has the talent, the attitude, the looks and all of that… but what makes me admire him is beyond those characteristics! I admire him because he is “Darren Espanto”. He really brought a great impact to my life. Even my friends would say that it might sound “corny” to be a fan of a boy who is 3 years younger than me, still.. I am proud to say, that I am really a Darrenatic! Always keep your feet off the ground Darren and please continue to inspire us! May God shower you more and more blessings in life! Please don’t leave yet the Philippines. I know that your home is in Canada but you are very welcome here in the Philippines! :) I am praying for your successful career #ILoveDarren

  25. Mazel Cerda says:

    I agree. You did your best Darren. So, don’t mind them. For now, just continue what you’ve been start. Darrenatics always there for you :) Do your best shot! ;) Darren ‘The Prince of the Modern Youth’ <3 You are the best example and inspiration for those who would like to be just like you. :'))

  26. Mazel Cerda says:

    I pray for your success :)
    Darren, TakeCare&&Godbless! :* <3 God be with you :)
    Wo ai ni ♥

  27. Leona says:


  28. padhney says:

    nice article po.. It is too GOOD to be TRUE that Darren Changed Our Lives. God Bless and Take Care po :)

  29. Bern says:

    Well fitting! Bless u Darren…

  30. jen says:

    hanga na talga ako sa talent ni darren mula BA hanggang ngayon kasi ang galing niyang kumanta umayaw magaling makisama very humble na bata total package na talaga.. nalungkot nga kami kasi hindi si darren ang nanalo but im sure malayo ang mararating mo.. gudluck sa carrer mo.. alagaan mo yang boses mo.. god bless… we luv u big D!

  31. A true and Just Title for Darren Espanto :)

    We love you DArren ;)

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  33. rodgean velano says:

    Thank you for this article…I love Darren since audition and and keep watching his performances hindi talaga siya nakakasawang panoorin..He is adorable, we, the Darrenatics has the same heart as he has..humble and lovable..I LOVE YOU baby love..God Bless you always..

  34. bhella says:

    Very well said…..Galing naman naka2impress at kahangahanga ng story ni bebe Darren kaya proud ako na maging part ng darrenatics..tlgang lhat ng blessing na ky king Darren na dhil deserve nya naman tlga at kahit Hindi naman sya ang nging winner PRA skin sya tlaga sang champion..kahit runner -up LNG sya naman ang maraming mall shows and guesting.and finally nga ang 1rst ever solo concert nya..karapat dapat tlga syang bgyan ng ganyang opportunity..at khit minsan namimis nya na ang family nya anjan ang darrenatics TV crew sila Kua ian.ate Raquel.ate Pauline ate Ashley na tlgang ngpapasaya sa knya..solid and proud ako name Darrenatics lng forever and ever..andito LNG ako to support Mr.domino,DARREN ESPANTO

    • laica says:

      ang galing galing mo mtalaga darren espanto kahangahanga ka talaga…..
      kahit na hnd ikaw ang itinanghal na wgrand champion para sa kin grand champion ka sa puso ko…
      good luck para sa consert mo sayang hindi ako makakapunta wala kasi akong pambili ng ticket pero ok lng yun pero pipilitin kong makabili para lng makapunta galingan mo sa consert mo ha…

      • Darren Lyndon Gonzales Espanto that a story he come out to canada then he come to the philliphines for audition of the voice kid of the philliphines then that time he made of the best to become very famous singer. i hope you stay humble and be respect to other peole. I LOVE YOU DARREN KALUGURAN DAKA….*♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  35. Uhmmm…….

    Well….Napakalaki po talaga nang naitulong ng isang
    DARREN LYNDON GONZALES sa aming mga kabataan. Naging isa po siya sa isang mabuting halimbawa sa henerasyon ngayon…. kaya napakadesrve lang po sa kanya ang tawaging ” The Prince of The Modern Youth” .Hindi lang po siya cute at talented kundi may katangian rin na mabuting halimbawa sa iba.

    Sana sa pag-abot mo sa mga pangarap mo ay manatili ka paring humble at mabait at patuloy ka pa sana maging isang inspirasyon at mabuting halimbawa sa mga kabataan ngayon ^_^ Lagi mong tandaan na lagi kaming nakasubaybay at sumusuporta sa iyo…. Yan ang DARRENatics♥♥♥

    Godbless always and Goodluck

    Hope that all your dreams will come true ^_^

  36. carla diane says:

    darren espantoo always make me inspire… :) hope to see you personally… :) sana mg mall show ulit sya sa lipa city batangas se na missed ko yun…

  37. carla diane says:

    sana nga poh… darren inaabangan kana nmen dito sa batangas

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