Darren Espanto: The Total Performance Concert

total performance concertIt was a night of transformation for the phenomenal, Darren Espanto, from a known young belter who has captured the hearts of many, to an ultimate Total Performer who awed the audience with his superb dance moves and performance!

How has this young boy fascinated the world? The answer is beyond any words can explain. But the invasion of fans from around the world to witness his first ever concert is proof that he is a certified sought after artist! Countless fans came all the way from Singapore, Hongkong, Japan, and Korea. A hopeful from Dubai came home but found out that the tickets were sold out. All were eager to be part of this historical night as numerous supporters didn’t mind the fact that they had travelled far and spent thousands of their hard earned money.

His first solo concert on October 4, 2014 marked a significant milestone in his career as a performer. The Music Museum was surged by supporters who were all fired up to watch him. By 6:30 PM, there were already several fans from all ages who met in one venue to celebrate the success of Darren Espanto. Everyone wore a smile on their faces as they headed to the entrance and it was evident that excitement was all over them.

There was this 77-year-old gentleman, Mr. Dandan, with his 4 children, who lined their way up to the venue. By his guise, Mr. Dandan looked like a stringent parent who’s only there to chaperone his children, but he’s not, he is rather a cool one. When asked why he wanted to watch the show, he said that he wanted to watch Darren’s concert because he’s just great. His eight year old daughter and three other teenagers were with him too.

Two ladies in their 50’s, Aileen and Lea, who were from Quezon City claimed that they would never miss this concert over anything else. The grandparents were both jubilant to watch Darren, with all praises they said he is a wonderful kid and they’ve been watching his YouTube videos over and over for the past months.

concert8A woman in her late 40’s, named Darlene, from Cagayan de Oro was also among the viewers.
Familiar faces on social media who were from Baguio, Davao, Tarlac, Bulacan, Laguna, Samar, and many other provinces in the Philippines were at a glance.

As early as 7:00 PM, the venue was filled with Darrenatics and indeed they painted the Music Museum, all dressed up in green with neon glow sticks at hand. It wasn’t like any other ordinary concert where guests who arrive early complained and became restless. The Total Performance Concert was different in a positive way. Exploring the whole place, it was comparable to a grand reunion of clans where children and adults exchanged greetings and shook hands with one another. Saying their Twitter names out loud and acknowledging each other was heard all over the place. Hearing people from afar saying, “So you are (twitter name)…. Nice to finally meet you!” Darren is fit to be called the Ambassador of Friendship and Goodwill.

The concert commenced on time with two punchline comedians, Iyah Mina and Tekla, who cracked hilarious jokes and left us chuckling. For a moment they made us all laugh and surprised us with their song number. It was a no-brainer that comedians nowadays can really sing but Tekla’s version of Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” with a funny twist, was great!

When the backstage voice welcomed everyone to the Total Performance Concert, the ear-splitting shrieks of the audience were all over the place. The past comments of The Voice Kids three coaches were stitched together and aired starting with Lea Salonga’s comment after he sang the piece Ngayon during the Finals Night, “Sa lahat ng iniidolo ngayon ni Darren, ito ay isang babala sa inyo: ilalampaso kayo ng batang ito balang araw.” Bamboo Manalac’s precise comments saying, “I’m gonna keep it short and sweet. You’re ready.” Then Sarah’s strong remark “Ngayon pinatunayan mo na ikaw talaga ang karapat dapat na tanghaling Grand Champion ng The Voice Kids” couldn’t keep the audience from applauding. The uproar heightened when they heard Darren’s voice saying out his name!

concert6The first part of the concert was a walk down memory lane with Darren as he retold his journey through The Voice Kids Philippines.

About 3 minutes after, the four Power Beat dancers came out of the stage first dancing to the rhythm of Jessie J’s Domino, which was Darren’s audition piece. Then an energetic Darren Espanto hit the limelight all styled by the virtuoso Harold Cabrera. Wearing an all-black outfit having a sleeveless coat embellished with silver strips artistically arranged which gave it an abstract look. A silver zipper which was closed up all the way added a vibrant appeal. It was accessorized by a silver forearm band or cover with black stitch detailed design. It was a genuine creation of an illustrious Filipino couture designer, John Herrera.
His shoes was a high top sneaker with black leather upper, white rubber sole, white round toe, and four buckled strap. Darren offered a different flavor to the song as he sang the full version. Everyone on their seats were shouting from the top of their lungs as Darren danced charmingly on stage. Darren looks extremely admirable. Everyone felt more thrilled when Darren replied with a sweet “I love you too” to the screaming fans.

darren espanto concertOverwhelmed by the support, an exhilarated Darren greeted his fans after the first production number. He was evidently perspiring on the first performance which means he gave out his all and still willing to show the spectators more! Owing his success to his supporters (aside from his talent of course) he thanked all the people who came out to see him on that special day. He narrated how he got very anxious about his concert which caused him to cry and vomit. But when he saw how excited his audience were, his worries were all washed out.

He then sang the full song “What Makes you Beautiful,” originally sang by One Direction, which was the battle round piece where he won over Sam, JC, and JM. Recalling the moment, Darren said he was teary eyed when Coach Sarah chose him.

Moving on to the sing-off rounds, he reminded the audience of how well he gave justice to Beyonce’s “Listen.” He dedicated the song to everyone before he hit the first note during the concert.

If his memories served him right, he said that the top six selection was one of the toughest part of the competition since they need to impress the musical directors. To that extent, he did a great job, he landed the top 6 after singing “One Moment in Time” by Whitney Houston.

concert3Darren shared that it was a special song because it helped him bag the grand champion title of Pinoy Singing Sensation Season 3 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 2012. And he once again wowed the Music Museum with his powerful vocals. But the crowd roared louder when he adlibbed “Love you guys!” right before he ended the song with that unbeatable high note.

He then opened the silver zipper and revealed a more inventive design of the couture. The sleeveless black coat opened up to show a four side squeeze buckles connecting each both sides of the coat in place. It partly exposed his white V-neck shirt worn underneath the coat. Another striking dance production kept the audience all eyes and ears when he performed Somebody to Love by Justin Bieber.

He continued his story as part of the top six and was asked to do a Tagalog song.  He admitted that he had a hard time internalizing the song Ngayon by Basil Valdez, but at the end of the night, he thought it was one of the great pieces he had sang. This was a remarkable and sentimental moment during the concert when Darren invited his mother, Marinel Espanto, who was seated in the front row, to join him on stage. He handed her a bouquet of red roses. He sang Ngayon with all emotions causing majority of the audience and his mother to shed a tear or two. They both looked so inspiring when his mother took out some wipes and dabbed it over his tears and sweat. Everyone knew all the sacrifices his parents did for him and how Darren was so grateful about it. Right before he finished the song, his mother made her way down the stage and out to the back stage.

Before the next number, a short clip showing the concert king, Martin Nievera saying “If there is anyone who can sing that song, it’s you.” He grabbed the white stool in the middle of the stage and sat as he compellingly sang “You are my Song.” The audience just got so ecstatic hearing him belt out the full song by himself for the first time.

He then called his guests from The Voice Kids and good friends, Giedie Laroco and Natsumi Saito on stage. The two had their share of the limelight as they once again relived the moments of The Voice Kids with their blind audition pieces. Giedie showcased her vocal prowess as she sang Celine Dion’s “The Power of Love.” Natsumi on the other hand chanted he audience with her Jessie J’s “Price Tag” rendition.

concert7Darren then came out of the back stage all geared up with a bright green neoprene hooded jacket and pants by the first-rate designer, Daryl Maat. It looks like a chic race track suit with gold and dark green linings. The kinky design of the pants gave him a funkier look. The front zipper of the jacket was half open showing his black shirt sort or leather neck lines. He was wearing a black and yellow New Balance rubber shoes that perfectly matched the outfit. It looked very sporty and edgy. The three cheered the crowd with the song “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” by Kelly Clarkson. They all looked great as they danced to the beat of the song. This concluded the first part of the concert.

The second part was a tribute to one of the country’s best composer and record producer of all times, Vehnee Saturno. Saturno also happened to be the concert director and manager of Darren. Darren sang Vehnee Saturno’s hit song “Forever’s Not Enough,” Sarah Geronimo’s first hit single. As he shared the story behind the song and how it became a hit, Darren was also hopeful that his first single will also be a hit in the music market scene.

And speaking of his first single, Darren teasingly asked the fans if they wanted to hear his first single composed by Vehnee Saturno? Then there it goes, he serenaded the fans with the song In Love Ako Sa ’Yo and some time during the song, he threw green roses and toblerone chocolates to the audience. The fans couldn’t help but give out a thrilled scream.

Darren took off his jacket and left his black untucked shirt on. He grabbed the chance to thank everyone who had become part of his concert in one way or another. The Darrenatics, dancers, designers, band, producers, relatives, parents, and the Lord Almighty.

darren espanto cocerrt2Moving on with the concert, he called up on stage, another Vehnee Saturno talent, Marion Aunor. She is Nora Aunor’s niece and the 6th PMPC New Female Recording Star Awardee. She joined and bagged the 3rd place during the 2013 Himig Handog PPop Love Songs. Together they soulfully sang John Legend’s “All of Me.”

Darren exited the stage and gave it to Marion. She introduced herself and sang her own composition during the Himig Handog Pop Love Songs 2013 which won the 3rd prize, “If You Ever Change Your Mind.” The melody of the song was a feel-good one. Thereafter, she sang one of Vehnee Saturno’s hit, “Someone’s Always Saying Goodbye.” She requested someone in the audience to sing the chorus with her. Darrenatics are also as talented as Darren is. Marion exited the stage on the left side and the lights dimmed.

Everyone was excited to see what’s next in line. This was now the third part of the concert. Darren sang a Michael Jackson medley coupled with matching costumes and their popular dance moves.

total performance concertA spotlight hit Darren on the right side of the stage. There he was standing all dressed up in a special Michael Jackson inspired costume with the Billie Jean intro pose. It was designed by Jermaine Nabong, Mindanao’s finest couture designer. His first song was Billie Jean. The black sequined blazer with silver band on the elbow part of the right arm is a trademark which the designer achieved in his intricate design. He had a white shirt on paired with black skintight jeans with silver strip side trimmed which perfectly fits Darren. He was wearing black slip on leather shoes with white socks showing. He looked exactly like Michael Jackson, and so thus was his performance.
Let’s not forget the black fedora and the silver gloves on the right hand. He danced the popular Billie Jean dance moves like the moon walk. The footwork and the body movements were just all synchronized and perfectly choreographed.

darren concertNext up, Darren appeared in MJ’s “Beat It” look. Still designed by Nabong, a zipper-accented leather jacket with red, black and gold colors were perfect as he sang and danced to the beat. All the MJ inspired masterpieces were made suitable for his persona.

As his finale for the MJ medley, he sang “Black or White” and matched his outfit with a white polo shirt with sleeves rolled up to his elbows. Still the dance choreography was shockingly good. The whole medley introduced the different side of Darren. It was a highlight on the concert as the avid supporters stood up in appreciation of his dynamic performance.

The last part of concert Darren put on a work of art made by the modish Ian Mallabo. It was a military inspired blazer using white duchess fabric patched with some neon green reflector and embellished with gold studs. It looked so refreshing. This was another dance production where Darren sweat it all out. The neon reflector glowed as he took every dance step from the songs – “Bang Bang” by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj; “Shake it Off” by Taylor Swift; “Happy” by Pharrell Williams; and “Neon Lights” by Demi Lovato. Darren caught the attention of everyone in the museum and he showed them that he has the grooves to top it all.

darren espanto concert3On the last part of the song “Neon Lights,” all three of his special guests joined him on stage. They ended the song with a blast and bowed altogether. He was surprised with cakes and cupcakes afterwards where he blew the candle and ate one up. The rest of the cupcakes (with Darren toppers) were distributed to the elated fans.

Since MCA sold some TVK CDs and merchandise at the venue, Darren did a CD and merchandise signing shortly after the concert. Darren’s and his mother’s happiness and gratitude for the success of his first ever solo concert was apparently defined by their genuine smiles and endless expressions of gratitude.

The night uncovered a different Darren Espanto, as promised by the Aqueous Events Management and producers. His exceptional talent in singing was matched by his fabulous and killer dance moves. The kid’s a natural.

His magnificent performance can’t be stressed enough. For his supporters, the concert was well thought of. The dancers were excellent and always gave their best shot in every production. The band composed of three singers on back-up, one on drum, one on base, one on guitar, and two on keyboards were also dynamic.

The renowned couture designers made Darren looked exquisitely handsome and young on his outfits. The lights impeccably blended with the performances. Overall, the production was great and deserves all the positive compliments they have been receiving. Everyone’s effort from the production staff, to the travelling supporters, to the performers, were all worth it.concert5

Due to the limited seating capacity of the venue, many ardent fans were not able to watch the first solo concert. But Aqueous Management, will make sure that all the fans will have the chance to get a glimpse of Darren on stage, thus a repeat is set on December 19, 2014. Everyone, which means even those overseas will have ample time to grab their tickets and plan their itinerary. As the popular saying goes, “Everyone deserves a second chance.” Here’s yours, don’t dare miss it!

The night was a momentous occasion for Darren and the DARRENatics. A night when all else doesn’t matter except Darren. A night when all of life’s uncertainties were pushed aside. A night bursting with thrilled Darrenatics screaming out their love for Darren. A night when Darren unbridled his real and natural talent. A night that will always be remembered as Darren proved to the world that he is worthy to be called, THE TOTAL PERFORMER!


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  1. SAKURA says:

    Really deserved to be called a TOTAL PERFORMER. Can’t wait for the repeat, its super worth it. Even if there’s a heavy rain during the selling and the concert date nothing can beat us to watch him perform. Hope he will do a Bruno Mars upbeat songs in Dec 19. We love you Big D, stay humble. :)

    • samer tomas says:

      i wanna se Darren Espanto in person.. here in COTABATO CITY. huhu sana nga po kasi maramng nag aasam na makapunta siya dito..
      at maramaing nagaabang sa kaniya.. plsssssssss naman ohh papuntahin niyo sana dito si D..

  2. Toni marayag says:

    Darren your the best singer ever.. darenatics can I be a member pls.. I’m always active. Im a die hard fan of darren. Ivan even work for Darrenatics..

  3. Raymond Gabriel says:

    This article was superb! <3 :D
    Galing Ate Elisa! :)

  4. Rose Marie Go says:

    I’ve never been an avid fan of any celebrities but there’s just something very special in you Darren that makes all Darrenatics go crazy.. Congratulations and I know you’ve got a long way to go!!! We’re always here to support you in every step of the way.. We love you and we’re all proud of you big D!

  5. Charlyn Linaks says:

    Wow Kudos to the writer. Keep up the good work. I’m literally crying reading the article.

  6. Nap Arenas says:

    I feel so blessed that I got the chance to see him perform live that night. It was definitely the best night of my life- I got to meet, in person, my Darrenatics friends whom I met over the internet and of course, I was able to witness, first hand, Darren’s amazing talent. He gave his ultimate best, the trip to Manila was absolutely worth it! He is THE TOTAL PERFORMER. Thank you po for the article, nakakaiyak po. :)

  7. marlon taba says:

    napakagaling nung nagsulat..para na rin akong nakapanood nung concert..nag aabang ako ng mga.videos nung concert pero wala ko makita…but reading the article..solved na ako sobrang detalyado sobrang galing…bagay sa galing ng hinangaan kong si DARREN ESPANTO..keep up the good works guys!!!!

  8. Mimi says:

    ang galing ng sumulat ng article. tagos sa laman ang bawat salita.. sobra naman din kasing kaka inspire si idol baby Darren…

  9. Ginger lee says:

    Kudos to the writer of this article! I love it! and I’m so excited for the repeat concert! I hope the next venue will be in Araneta Coliseum para maraming makapanuod kay Bebe! Can’t move on pa rin ako… every time I remember his performances, kinikilig ako at naaamaze pa rin.

  10. Shiela Ortega says:

    teary-eyed while reading this article. Para na rin akong dinala sa venue, salamat in behalf of Team Bahay =)

  11. Minette Estrada says:

    My smartest salute to the writer of this article! Teary eyed while reading, at feeling ko parang pocketbook ang binabasa ko na habang tumatagal nakaka-excite. God bless you Darren :))

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  13. Jing Dayono says:

    I was teary eyed while im reading this,tears of joy for ur succersful c0ncert big D.u deserved to be called the TOTAL PERFORMER indeed!

  14. Mercy Flores says:

    Congratulations Darren! Indeed , I agree you deserved to be called a TOTAL PERFORMER! We’re so happy for you..

  15. Jessie Dee says:

    Congratulation Baby Darren, you deserve that crowd. I was there, watching you during the whole performance and I can say you surprise and amaze everyone. That’s why we want to see more of your MOVES and SINGING on Dec.19. Darrenatics will be there to support you again and we can’t wait to see you again :)

    Take care always.

    GOD Bless you…

  16. marco says:

    thanks .. Guy’s And I Think The Members Of Darrenatics Was Moving Up Like Darren Espanto But .. Ill Promise Ill Support Darren Eny Time. And I Wish Na Sana Mas Maging Maayos Ang Pagsasama Ng Ating Groups Sangayon Nakaka PAng Apat Na Montns Na Tayo Sana Tumagal pa tayo ng Mahabang mahaba Thanks Darren Espanto, The Mannagement Of The Concert Of Darren And All Supportive Members OF DARREN Espanto . TNX .. :)

  17. Abby says:

    First, I would like to commend the writer/s of this article. I’ve been reading your articles here on the site and I find it supreme. The words are well-chosen and the stories are all genuine. Very smartly written for certain and that’s one of the reasons why I’m a proud DARRENatic. Keep up the good work guys! I hope you could include your names on your articles as you deserve to be recognized.
    Second, yes, Darren was extremely good last Oct 4. I can attest to that as I was there too! I had my friends with me who are not really an avid fan of Darren but when they saw his performances, they were all praises to Darren after the event. Now I’m not just the only one who’s excited for his repeat come this December. Hats off to our great total performer! You are worth it!

  18. Mhyke says:

    superb performance!!! Sya na ang concert Prince ng Pinas! Can’t wait to watch again his repeat concert this december 19 :)

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    Whoah. Thanks to the writer for bringing me to the concert through this article. I felt the emotions of the supporters. I felt the happiness of being there, unfornately i wasn’t there. But so much proud of you DARREN ESPANTO!
    May GOD bless you always.
    “In everything he did he had great success, because the LORD was with him.” -1 Samuel 18:14
    So Darren always acknowledge God because He will bring you to a great and further success.

  20. Jill says:

    Thank you so much for this! Habang binabasa ko, gumuguhit sa utak ko ang mga pangyayari sa first solo concert ni Darren. Pakiramdam ko andun na rin ako sa concert. Goosebumps while reading this, (teary eyed as well). Darren, you’re right. This is your TIME, this is your NOW. Always do your best and God will do the rest. Stay humble and always keep your feet on the ground. Sabi nga sa kantang ‘Who you are’, “Don’t lose who you are in the blur of the stars”. Darrenatics are always here to support you all the way! I’m so proud of you! Love you, Darren! :)

  21. Mae A. says:

    Great article. It summed up everything about the concert. I was not there because I am in the US but it describes very well what happened in the concert, as if I was there. For all the fans who were able to watch, you are lucky and were able to experience the most memorable time in Darren’s singing career since that was his first. Kudos to the writer. Great job also to all Darren’s fans, Darren’s TV crew, admin, social media, and others and most especially congrats to Darren. This is just the beginning of your career. Soar high but still be humble.

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    Salamat sa lahat ng bumubuo ng darrenatics tv crew, darrenatics.com, kay maam aqueqang at sa iba pa. Sobrang na-appreciate ko ang trabaho nyo. Malaki ang sinasakripisyo nyo para dito kc alam ko d naman kayo binabayadan gusto nyo lang pasayahin kami mga fans ni darren.
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    Very well said. I felt like I was there too. Very detailed. I could very well picture him on his outfit by the way you described it. Kudos to Ms Elisa.
    Darren, continue to soar high kiddo. All your fans are here to support you.

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    Stay Gwapings ! Stay Healthy ..

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    • myrna jacinto says:

      Hi Karylle, if you want to watch the concert of Darren sa Dec. 19 please send me an Email so I could arrange for your ticket with my relatives in the Philippines. I will give you the phone number of the person you can get in touch with so you will be able to watch Darren. I live here in USA and thats the only thing I could do for Darren since I would not be able to watch his concert. Thank you for your support to Darren.
      I am an an avid fan of Darren who belongs to mommies.

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    This Concert is just the beginning More to come :)
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    Neways, you’re an exceptional talent, that sets you apart, coupled with the obvious passion and joy in what you do…stay amazing!

  44. CHRISTY says:


  45. Ghemarie Chavez Labsanr says:

    im so very happy kahit teambahay lang ako :) ..You’re the best of best, Were so proud of you!! Loveyou, D! :*

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    i am so very very very happy for you darren

  47. Very beautiful article.. Well organized and very detailed..thank you for this article.. Even though I am not able to attend the concert (ang layo ko kasi eh) I felt Like I was there at the venue as i Was reading this very nice article.. Thank you Darrenatics :)

  48. what an awesome article :) <3 Congrats Darren ! So proud of you :) you're really one of a kind..

  49. Melannie De La Cruz says:

    Congratulation Big D! We love you. To God Be All The Glory.

  50. lester klein says:

    amazing…slendid perfomance :)

  51. Lalaine Coronel says:

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  52. Venus Gordo says:

    Sana sa next concert mo makapanood ako Darren kasi gustong gusto na talaga kitang makita hayyy sayang kasi noong Oct. 4 wla ako sa espesyal na araw mo Big D! Always Stay Humble! Love you Darren!

  53. Jerissa says:

    Kelan po ang repeat at kelan po pwedeng makapurchase ng ticket? Hindi ko na to pwedeng mamiss this time. iloveyou Darren. :)

  54. Jerissa says:

    you were my stress reliever. you’re undeniably amazing Baby Darren! ILOVEYOU WITH ALL MY HEART! 

  55. Bernadeth Brier says:

    Sobrang ganda po ng article..thank u ms.elisa…hbang binabasa ko di ko mapigilang di maiyak…sa dami ng sacrifices ng magulang ni bebe Darren para lng matupad ang pangarap nya deserved nya lhat ng tagumpay at biyayang natatanggap nya ngaun. Gusto ko sana nanjan ako at nasaksihan ung first solo concert mo kya lng kinapos sa budget eh…hehe…hopefully sa repeat concert mo makapanood na ko. As a christmas at bday gift ko sna sa sarili ko..bsta baby Darren lagi mo tatandaan ung sbi ng daddy mo wag lalaki ang ulo kht sobrang sikat kana…always stay humble and always put ur feet on the ground. Wag mo rin kakalimutan magpasalamat sa mga taong nagmamahal at sumusuporta sau. Just always do ur best everytime magpeperform ka…we are always here for to love and support u no matter what.,,

    I hope one day malapitan kita’t makapgselfie with u…and in gods will sna mangyari un sa repeat concert mo…im always prayin,hoping and waiting to make it come true!!! I love you Darren i will support and love you foreve. Thanks for inspiring us!!

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    Hmm… He really deserves to be called the TOTAL PERFORMER, he is handsome, talented, kind what more could you ask for? But it’s really sad I wasn’t able to witness his first blast out concert, but I’m sure that I could’nt miss that remake concert of Darren. And he really look so cute while he was eating there…

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    Congrats Big D sobrang nakakainspire ka talaga.
    Sobrang ng hinayang talaga ako na d ako nakapunta sa first ever solo concert mo kasi alam ko sobrang importante sayo nun pero dahil sa post na to nabawasan yung lungkot ko credit po sa nagsulat “i was like OMG my post na ganito then as i was reading the post naiyak po talaga ako tears of joy po talaga”
    Sana po talaga sa repeat concert may pera na ako para naman makita at marinig ko na ang superb performance ni baby Darren I know that the repeat concert will be phenomenal also si big D yan e.
    Sana talaga magiipon ako.

    Congrats to the writer also for having a superb talent. He gave justice to Darren’s talent for writing this article. Darrenatics are talented too, like Darren talaga.

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    I’m so proud to your concert.. And all Darrenatics are very proud to you…….
    I hope I see you someday…… Hindi man ako nakapunta alam ko na ikaw ay isang napaka buti, mabait, masiglahin, magalang, palakaibigan, mapagmahal sa kapwa lalong lalo na sa pamilya, at higit sa lahat magaling kumanta…………

    Alam kong hindi lang yan ang katangian mong taglay at marami kapang naitatagong kabutihan dyan sa puso mo……..
    And I hope na hindi na dyan matatapos ang carrier mo as a singer……….. And all I want to see is ay ang pagacting mo
    alam ng lahat na hindi lang sa pagkanta ka magaling magaling ka din sa pagacting……………

    That’s all Bid D
    Wag mo sanang kakalimutan ang DARRENatics of Batangas City……….

    THank you sa pagpapasaya sakin at sa ibang tao…………..

    Hindi mo lang alam na kapag tutulog ako ay kailangan munang magpatugtog na mga kinanta mo……….At kapag naman wala sakin ang cellphone ko ay walng kaganagana ang gabi ko dahil hindi ako nakarinig ng kanta mo…………….

    Once again Thank you BigD

  62. angel matias says:

    Hi Darren espanto I love you po ikaw Lang po ang nagiisang Darrenatics name . wish ko po sana makamall tour ka sa Malabon City Square (MC) . please Thank you . the best kapo para seamen . :)

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    grabi darren napakagaling ha bilib ako sayo talaga wala ako masabi keep up the good work pare stay humble always

  64. mark says:

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