Darren Espanto: The World Domination 2014

Darren invasionFrom Canada, Darren Espanto travelled all the way to the Philippines to chase his dreams and joined The Voice Kids of the Philippines without any assurance of what he could reach. Despite of not bagging the title, he has proven that he is more than worthy. As a growing star, Darren did very well in capturing the people’s heart. He has conquered the three large island groups of the Philippines: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. As he continues to soar higher, Darren is all set to fascinate the whole world and share his extraordinary talent!

His first stop, “The Big Apple,” for The Outstanding Filipino American (TOFA) AwardsNight. Darren will be performing for the Filipino-American community at the Carnegie Hall’s Weill Recital Hall in New York, USA on October 25, 2014. TOFA is an annual event held during the Filipino American History Month in October, to give honor and celebrate the accomplishments of individuals and organizations who, in their distinctive ways, contributed to the betterment of both the US and the Philippines. The 124-year old Carnegie Hall, in Manhattan, is considered as one of the most premier and most prestigious concert venues in the USA with its noteworthy architectural layout. Built in 1890, the renowned national historic landmark and concert venue is a dream stage for every local and international performer. World class Filipino talents have showcased their talents here such as the Asia’s Song Bird, Regine Velasquez-Alcasid and The Voice coach, Lea Salonga. It is indeed a privilege and a priceless experience for the Total Performer to step on that stage and once again awe the world!

Darren Espanto Homecoming ConcertNext, is the place where it all started, The Great White North, Canada.With two homecoming scheduled for him, Darren couldn’t be more excited. The first will be in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where he was born and raised. He can’t wait to go home, reunite with his family, and perform especially to the Filipino community who has been supporting him throughout his journey. The Homecoming Concert will be on November 7, 2014, with special guest, Jay-R at the Grey Eagle Resort & Casino. Approximately 295 kilometers away from Calgary is Edmonton, a familiar stage for Darren since his Pinoy Singing Sensation days. Thank You Canada will be on November 8, 2014 at the Mirage Banquet Hall, Darren will be showing his gratitude to the country that embraced his family with open arms.
His world journey will continue as he will perform live in the Rising Stars Concert together with The Voice of the Philippines season 1 grand winner, Mitoy Yonting, The Voice of the Philippines runner-up, Klarisse de Guzman and PMPC’s New Recording Artists of the Year, Marion Aunor on November 15, 2014 at the Oakland Scottish Rite Auditorium in California.
Later on, Darren will be flying to Vancouver, Canada and will show his vocal powers to his supporters, still with the voices of Mitoy Yonting, Klarisse de Guzman, and Marion Aunor at the Massey Theather on November 21, 2014.
The Voice Kids Doha Qatar ConcertTogether with the TVK top 4 co-finalists, Lyca, Juan Karlos and Darlene, they will be serenading the people of Doha, Qatar on December 12, 2014. The TVK top 4 will definitely sing their heart out at the West End Park Amphitheatre as the Filipino people get to see them perform live.
Since giving and sharing is the essence of the holiday season, so is Darren’s. He will cherish and give back to all his fans by performing for a benefit concert at the Loma Linda Filipino Church Multipurpose Center in Redlands, California on December 28, 2014.

Darren Espanto Benefit Concert CaliforniaAs the blessed year paved way to yet another colorful and fruitful year for Darren and his family, it should be ended with a blast. Darren and his family will be having fun, games, and a lot of singing at a luncheon in Hilton Garden Inn San Bernardino, California.

The year 2014 must be one of the best years in Darren’s life, since it has given him the opportunity to showcase his talent, at the same time, use it to help others. At such as young age, he is one of the very few Filipino performers to roam the world in such a short period of time. Darren’s busy world tour will continue in 2015. Countries like Singapore, Australia, the rest of the United States of America, and many others will be fortunate to meet Darren in person.
All these great opportunity gives way to fulfilling his big dream, of a “World Tour.” It is indeed a blessing for him which he truly deserves. Being away from his family may be very difficult, but he is so strong to hold onto his dreams and reach for it. With so much love and support from the DARRENatics worldwide, such dream will never be too far to reach. Darren Espanto has rocked the Philippines and he will soon stun the whole world. So be ready and buckle up, because Darren Espanto, The Total Performer, will definitely dominate the world!

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  1. chen says:

    Wow…What can i say..It’s Quite prophetic and it coming to pass for Darren.
    Pave Way indeed for a World Tour Darren Espanto..

  2. charilyn valdez says:

    wow as in wow baby,,congrats and God bless always

  3. rodgean velano says:

    Everything was worthwhile…love you Darren..hindi nasayang yung panahon ko kakapnood nang mga performances mo at mga videos kahit paulit-ulit..

  4. wow!!! wla na akong masabi ang galing talaga ni bebe darren WORLWDIDE na talaga tayo :)

  5. Syrell Dela Pena says:

    Im really happy and prayed for darren Espanto career…he worth to received this awesome blessing…:-)good luck darren.

  6. Wow Grabe Darren Ang galing mo talaga GoodLuck Darren Andito lang ako I Mean Kami pala Tandaan mo Mahal na Mahal ka namin

  7. hai darren and to darrenastics…darren thank u for bieng my one of my inspiration… thank care your self..and i hope you have more concert to come..and i wish that all of your dream and wish will come true… i love u darren…

  8. Wow!!!
    The Most Talented Young Artist Of The Philippines And Canada Is Now Dominating The World….
    God Bless And Good Luck DARREN For Your Domination Of The World … DARREN ESPANTO …

  9. ANGIE HERASTA says:

    Congratulations on your journey to your success. I hope this will last forever. I am one of your fan. God Bless you always. Don’t forget him when your rich the top. Your fan is one of your support for your biggest success. Thanks God you were born.

  10. elma gutierrez khoo says:

    Congrats!!!! Baby Darren,, take care always,,,, god bless u,,,,,,

  11. chelle bag-o says:

    Congrats Darren..u really deserve all of it..take care always and may god bless u always..me and my daughter luv u so much….

  12. Bernadette says:

    i am so proud of you Darren…your such an inspiration to every individual who believes in you. ..your such a GREAT KID!GOD BLESS!

  13. laica Polahon says:

    wooooooh!! THIS IS IT! Continue pursuing your DREAMS DARREN ESPANTO! :) Dream High! Be humble as always! :) You deserve it all! Your AMAZING. A TOTAL PERFORMER indeed! :)

  14. What a jam-packed year for our young man. We’re so glad for these things. Your success is also our success. Your joy in fulfilling your dreams is also our happiness. :)

  15. jaspher castor says:

    Congrats baby darren good blesss

  16. Rosalinda mallari says:

    I am an old grandma but like other darrenatics i never forget on checking on all the comments,messages, videos,tweets and IG about Darren..paulit ulit talaga kahit abutin pa ako ng madaling araw..i dont know why pero super akong naamaze sa batang ito..keep up the good work Darren and. Ongratulations for your sucess..God bless you..

  17. Yiel Atienza says:

    Amazing! Talagang handang-handa na si Darren para sa susunod na blessings para sa kanya! Alam naming mga DARRENatics na mas marami pang lugar ang mapupuntahan mo! But don’t forget to keep safe! Good Luck sayo Darren! I know that you can fulfill your dream to have a ”WORLD TOUR”!

  18. samertomas says:

    sana maging ILLUMINATY si DARREN kasi super sikat na niya worldwide swear to god..!! huhu sana more come na blessings para hindi mahinto hinto ang ang carrer niya… tnx for Darren Espanto dahil kahit kelan hindi ako nag sisi nung ikaw ang pinili ko..IM SO PROUD OF YOU DARREN ESPANTO >> AND ALSO I SALUT YOU>.. very much.. we loved you so much, walang makakpantay..!! <3 <# hart hart

  19. Rhoda mamuyac says:

    Go Darren, expose your God given talent to the entire universe, I am so greatful to watch you performed live at the music museum last Oct.4,2014, and you really are amazing,and stay humble. And keep your feet on the ground always,

  20. roscel olarte says:

    amazing!.. .congrats Darren.. . :) god bless you.

  21. @kuabuboy says:

    Darren so deserves this! He is such a blessing to everyone :)

  22. Darren thank you dahil dimating ka sa mundong ito .. dahil sayo nabuhay ulit yung mundo ko na kala ko lagi na lang malungkot .. thank you at isang DARREN LYNDON GONZALES ESPANTO Ang iniidolo ko .. ! dahil alam ko naman at alam ng darrenatics na dapat isang katulad mo ang Talagang Iniidolo Lalo Na ng mga bata .. dahil sobrang Talented mo na sobrang gwapo mo pa ang bait mo pa ang sobrang Caring mo pa at sobrang mapagmahal kaya mahal na mahal ka namen at mahal na mahal kita lahat lahat ng katangian mo minamahal ko na nga ata eh !! Basta stay pogi stay Hot And Stay Ka Lang Sameng mga Darrenarics And Stay Ka Lang Saken .. Hahahha !! I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU :* :* :* ♥♥ #Darrenatics #LoveLove #LyndonGonzales

  23. Congrats Darren.. sobrang galing galing mo kc ee :) so dahil jan.. famous na famous ka so :) proud na proud ang mga Darrenatics sayo sana mag karoon ng jam w/darrenespanto w/the whole darrenatics ahaha ♥ Godbless Darren.. tandaan BAWAL MAG KASAKIT :) Ingats mwahhhh :*

  24. Darren, You are totally amazing!! You are an inspiration to everyone.
    You know what, even though were not related and I’m just your Big fan,
    I really care with your whereabouts and anything that talks about YOU..
    That is how you influenced my life. You are a “best Model” to everyone.

    The best Christmas gift I’ve ever had in this year is the moment when
    I’ve got to witness in your live concert here in BUtuan City.
    Watching, listening, and singing with you at that time was a great Fulfillment
    in my part and so with the other Darrenatics..:)
    Thank you so much for sharing your “undefined wholebeing”.
    You really mesmerized us. Godbless you always and your family.
    Stay humble, simple, and “Total Performer”.. We love you Darren :)

  25. Darren, You are totally amazing!! You are an inspiration to everyone.
    You know what, even though were not related and I’m just your Big fan,
    I really care with your whereabouts and anything that talks about YOU..
    That is how you influenced my life. You are a “best Model” to everyone.

    The best Christmas gift I’ve ever had in this year is the moment when
    I’ve got to witness in your live concert here in BUtuan City.
    Watching, listening, and singing with you at that time was a great Fulfillment
    in my part and so with the other Darrenatics..:)
    Thank you so much for sharing your “undefined wholebeing”.
    You really mesmerized us. Godbless you always and your family.
    Stay humble, simple, and “Total Performer”.. We love you Darren

  26. Monique Allyson says:

    WOW! I’m so proud of you :) Proud DARRENatic here :D :*

  27. Yam says:

    Darren.. what have you done to me?.. hahaha I literally couldn’t sleep last night. I’m soo worried about the Carnegie Hall
    performance since you have throat infection, I stayed up 4am to 10am along with other Darrenatics for twitter party celebration, just to make sure that the whole world will know about your talent.

    Again, you left everyone in awe. world class performance, your magic radiates wherever you go. you truly deserve all the support you’re getting from all of us. stay humble, stay amazing and enjoy life. you may far from your parents but the love of million Darrenatics will hopefully fill whatever void you have in your heart.

    We will support you all the way. we will watch you soar high and you will always be our baby.. kahit magka abs ka pa someday. don’t lose the smile. don’t let the fame eat you. we love every bits of you. your selfies, you being a good son, a good friend, a good brother, a role model, your drawing abilities, your dancing moves. continue to inspire people because you are a blessing.

    I just hope I’ll get VIP tix on the repeat concert.

    sending my hugs and prayers for you D!! – ate Yam

    ate Yam

  28. Christian Salidaga says:

    Congratulations Darren! and thank you for your talent. Thank you also for your parents, their upbringing made you the person you are today, adored and admired by many.,and most of all, thank you to our Perfect Creator, He created you to make thousands of His other creations happy. Please continue to be respectful, humble, and always crave for learnings, especially in your chosen career…you are already very talented but always be open for the wisdom of the old.,thank you Darren and to the Darrenatics who made all these efforts to support you all the way.,I hope to see you again real soon, hope that’s on your 2nd solo concert :D .,By the way, what’s the update on your 1st album and the DVD copy of your 1st ever solo concert????

    FYI: I am a fan of pure talent and admirable personality. Among those I salute are Sarah Geronimo and Alyssa Valdez of the ADMU Lady Eagles. Now, Darren is already a part of the list after an hour of entertainment in Butuan City. He caught my heart right there and then!!!Now I declare myself a certified (but unofficial) Darrenatic! Hihi… (How to be official by the way?Can I be the founder of the Darrenatics Butuan?haha)

    P.S. I think Lynelle is also something to watch out for….good luck…

  29. Lhen says:

    I saw in the upcoming events next year that Darren will be having a concert here in Australia but not in Perth, I hope he can make it here.. Please include Perth in his Australia tour.. Thank you guys!

  30. mary opulencia says:

    Hindi nga sayang ang panahon at oras…para sayo Big D Kase sulit lahat ng binibigay mung saya sa puso ko…proud of you Mr.DARREN ESPANTO…

  31. Hyejin An says:

    Wow!!! You are simply Amazing Darren Espanto! Congratulations to your big success & Thank you for being you. You really touch my heart & you’re such an inspiration to many people including me. Thank u for making us always very happy. You deserve the best! Take care always. More power to you & more blessings to come. I love u big D

  32. abby anonuevo says:

    Hi darren.!

    Hangang hanga kmi sayo.!. Pagbutihin mo lang yang pagkanta mo.!!! Were here for u darre.! Ikaw na! Dahil lumaki ka man sa canada…. Magaling ka mag tagalog…….. At maraming nag mamahal sayo darren…. Syempre ksama ako… Im ur fan!!!! Godbless always at pagpatuloy mo lng yan….

    Ur my inspiration for my study..

    San kaya makakabili ng,darrenatics na dmit.,? ,answer namn po…. Salmat.!!!

  33. eryn lacsa says:

    OMG!! I just cant believe it na meron na pala official website si darren at tsaka DARRENatics.. pati merchandise nagkakaroon na rin… concerts and mallshows.. magkakaroon na rin ng first solo album si kuya darren. Buti pa nga ang Darrenatics na meet and greet na si darren… gusto ko nga rin makita at mapanood si darren even if 12yrs. Old plang ako at ndi pa pwedeng pumunta kapg may mga show si darren layo kc eh..
    I swear na kapg may chance na makita ko si darren nagpupursige talga ako at sasabhn proud na proud akong makita sya
    Pictures pa nga lng napapasigaw na ko eh.. personal pa kya??.. i wanna see you darren and baby lynelle at maging friends tyo.. (ang taas ng pangarapxD) I love you darren at mga DARRENatics…

  34. Louise Reglos says:

    I hope Darren does a concert here in Perth Australia next year (at sana hindi ma-cancel), considering na most of the time palagi na lang sa Sydney or Melbourne ang concert ng mga kagaya niyang international artists. I’m 15 and in year 10 and I can’t believe that I’m a fan of a 13 year-old boy. Hay Darren, please don’t ever change. Stay as you are. Love you Darren!

  35. charity zamoras says:

    wow…!!! amazing kiddo..your truely a total performer..keep yout feet in the ground we support you evry step of your career..god blessed and we love you…

  36. Micah Testor says:

    Yiiee! Ang galing galing mo! Buti ka pa nakakapunta ng ibang bansa, pangarap ko yun eh T.T

    Good Luck sa lahat. Kaya mo yan. Kung kinakabahan ka or anything, nandito lang ang mga DARRENatics para sayo. Solid kami eh! HINDI KA NAMIN IIWAN! Walang iwanan di ba? Tayo-tayo lang ang may FOREVER…

    Yun lang ;)

    P.S. Paki-sabi kay Lynelle, “Hello.” Oh, and please pansinin mo ko :”>

  37. Anne Jane Monica Sabado says:

    Ang galing mo talaga Darren.Congratulations! Good Luck sa World Tour! Susuportahan ka namin palagi.We love you <3 Take care always and God bless !!!

  38. chiiireya says:

    Ma ghad! I really admire you darren :’) hope to see you in person. Hehe. You really really deserve this darren no doubt bukod sa humble ka sobrang talented paaaa. ♥ goodluck sa world tour keep safe we labyu so much! Godbless :)

  39. Hi there Darrenatics!!!

    I Love You Darren Lyndon Gonzales Espanto!!! Stay humble and keep your feet on the ground I admired and love you very much. Always smile and problems will just pass you by. Goodluck and be good all the time.

  40. jaymar b.pagulayan says:

    hi darrenatics…wow super bilib ako sa batang to…nakakatanggal stress…we love you darren…

  41. Angel says:

    Good luck sa concert buks darren we are proud of you and solo album gud luck din and to all darrenstics kapit bisig be strong ayaw n baby ng ganyan dapat lahat happyok darrenatics tv crew are guys ready guys tomorrow para kay big d full force to support him sana mabasa ninyo comment ko .maganda kc mgbsa ng comment kung may love sa isat isa

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