DARREN: The Grand Christmas Party

darren mall showAs Darren Espanto continues to live his dreams, his supporters are also mounting up! The number of people who came to his Grand Christmas Party held on December 21, 2014 at the Robinsons Forum Activity Area was more than enough to prove that he is a rising star. Hundreds of people came and joined Darren as he celebrate Christmas with his fans at the same time promote his self-titled debut album, DARREN.

That day was very special for the DARRENatics because they were given the chance to play, interact, and meet Darren. Even though the program was supposed to start at 5:00 PM, the crowd were already countless even at 1:00 PM. People were all dressed up in green and the area became a sea of green. DARRENatics were geared with green head dress feathers and held green balloons. Eagerly and patiently waiting for the show to kick off, they sat on the floor chitchatting with their fellow DARRENatics. They all made friends and shared their stories.
A young little girl named Sophia, 7 years old, admitted that she loves Darren so much and that she even influenced her mother. They came all the way from Bulacan and didn’t mind the distance as long as they get to see Darren up close. There were lots of little children who were present together with their parents. It may seem that the parents just chaperoned their kids, but fact is, they were there to support Darren too. Their family day was spent at the Grand Christmas Party with Darren.
The DARRENatics’ spirit was all over the place when they saw Darren walked inside the tent provided for him and his company. They got too excited that everyone who were seated stood up and came nearer to the stage. The guards tried to calm them down and asked them to sit down for the convenience of others. Gladly the DARRENatics complied. DARRENatics are definitely as obedient as Darren!

Few minutess after, the emcee, Raymond Stone from 95.5 Pinas FM, stepped on stage and commenced the program. He introduced the talented and lovable kid who has an angelic voice that captured the hearts of many. It was Tonton Cabiles from Team Lea of The Voice Kids. He wholeheartedly belted out the songs “Dance with My Father” and “One Day in Your Life”.
ddarren espanto christmas partyThe crowd got uncontrollable and everyone stood up when Darren was introduced and called. He looked fresh as always, with his light blue jacket on. The screams resonated not only in the activity area but around the mall. This young man is really a crowd-drawer!
He sang and danced the full version of “Domino”. Louder shrieks and screams were heard when Darren serenaded the fans with the crowd-favorite song “Stuck”. The song is very good when played from the CD, but it is best heard live. Fans were singing with him and they looked so blissful and elated.
Darren was perspiring after his performance. Fans threw handkerchiefs to the stage and Darren picked it up, dabbed it on his face, and threw it back to the audience. The audience had gone wild and everyone’s just threw their handkerchiefs on the stage. It was a funny yet adorable scenario.
The fun continued and had a game called “Trip to Jerusalem”. Darren was given the chance to pick 5 lucky fans from the audience. He chose young kids who caught his attention. Some parents carried and lifted their kids up so that Darren would notice them. The 5 chosen kids were invited on stage and they surely had fun playing with their “kuya Darren”.
He then charmed everyone with his carrier single composed by the one and only Vehnee Saturno entitled “In Love Ako Sa’yo”. The song made lot of girls scream and felt giddy.
Right after his performance, nominated people for the best dressed contest were asked to go up to the stage. Their flashy yet fashionable green outfits truly shined out. The efforts they have exerted to come up with their outfits paid off for they were given the chance to hug Darren.darren christmas party
It was time to give Darren a gift. Prior to the show, the DARRENatics were asked to write short Christmas messages for Darren in a big card provided. It was a special Christmas card to be tendered to Darren as a surprise. When handed on stage, Darren was utterly shocked but he was smiling while he was reading some letters out loud. Then, another surprise dazed Darren. One by one, 6 chocolate cakes were brought to the stage which spelled “DARREN”. The gesture amazed Darren even more. They gave Darren a short heart-warming message that made people shed tears saying that they’ll be there for him forever. Darren was touched and said “Mapapaiyak po ako nito eh.” All at once, everyone started chanting “Iiyak na ‘yan.” repeatedly until Darren’s tears rolled down from his innocent eyes. He was truly grateful to his fans, the DARRENatics, who were always there for him. The tears in his eyes showed how overwhelmed he was and how his heart was overflowing with joy and gratitude. darren christmas party darrenaticsThis shows how unfathomable the DARRENatics’ love for Darren is.
After that joyous moment, he picked lucky winners from the raffle draw. Lucky winners have won special items from Odyssey, like dolls, gift packs, and earphones. The luckiest persons were the ones who won the life-size standee of Darren signed by himself and the jacket that he wore during his guesting on Showtime. They also got the chance to hug him and had a picture taken with him.
Darren was really thankful to everyone who attended the Grand Christmas Party. He exited the stage and shortly came back for the autograph signing. The fans started to line up for the next activity. Aside from the signature, they also had their pictures taken with Darren. Fans came up on stage all excited and went down very overwhelmed and awed. Some were even screaming and jumping with happiness.
It was a fruitful day for everyone especially that Darren’s albums were all sold out!
It is breathtaking to see how Darren appreciates the efforts each one of his fans exerted and also how the DARRENatics are always there to support and love him all the way. The smile he always wear is pure and innocent expressing how he genuinely loves what he is doing. Indeed, DARRENatics are lucky to have known this pure-hearted talented young man.
One of Darren’s favorite Christmas song is “Give love on Christmas day,” he only didn’t sing it but he also acted it. He showed everyone that he can give love on Christmas day and made his fans very happy on this Grand Christmas Party.

May everyone have a very joyous Christmas and a prosperous New Year! May the spirit of the Holiday Season be all in our hearts!

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  1. Andrea Fhei says:

    Darren kelan ka ulit pupunta sa pampanga hope to see you again soon :D

  2. dear darren
    sana kapag umalis kana sa pilipinas para mag concert sa ibang bansa sana bumalik ka parin sa pilipinas kapag hindi kana bumalik mawawalang gana ang darrenatics dahil hindi kana nakikita sa tv kahit malayo ako sayo ikaw sa manila ako sa pampanga kahit malayo ka payborit kita sa ibang teenager ikaw lang promisee? :)


  4. jasmine tubang says:

    sayang di ako nakapunta aklan kac ako

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