Darrenatics Cebu: The Big D Encounter

I’m one of the million fans out there. A typical kind of fan that prays, wishes, and dreams to see the person whom I support in person. I’m a DARREnatic — a fan of DARREN ESPANTO, whom I’ve been supporting since the TVK days competition. His attitude and talent truly captured me.

As a fan of course, I really want to see D in person. I’m hoping of having a picture with him, to see his smile and to hear his voice mostly. Thank God, it happened. 

Before the year 2014 ends, I heard the news that there will be a TVK concert here in Cebu on Sinulog and I said “At last! This is my chance to finally meet him.” I was so excited, super! I became so resourceful just to have enough money for the concert’s ticket, though it wasn’t the SVIP.

Darrenatics Cebu

Darrenatics Team Cebu all excited to welcome Darren at the airport

And the long wait is over! As early as 3am of Jan. 17, 2015, we were already at the airport ready to give D the warmest welcome we could ever give him. We had the cut out letters of his name, pompoms and tarps. While waiting at the lounge, I was already shaky because of the excitement. I didn’t know what to do if I’ll see him. I was like fainting but no not now that D is coming. HAHAHAHA! Then, the plane has arrived at around 4:35am. Passengers were coming out, we were definitely thrilled and awed as we excitedly waited for him. Then after a while, I mumbled “Si Darren, naa na!” I wanted to get wild, to shout at the top of my lungs but I had to control my emotions. Hehehe. I tried to keep my composure although I had my mind screaming, “Halaaa. Darren’s finally here!” He was waving his hands at us. We waited for a few minutes because they were still getting their luggage. We were all trying to take pictures of him, regardless if it’s blurry, too far or whatever as long as its D! They were the last ones to exit the airport, but this is how kind Darren is… HE INITIATED THE GROUP PICTURE! We had a hard time asking for pictures with him because of the strict people with him but it’s understandable. I was just so glad that Darren stopped and gave his phone to one of his companions and asked to take a picture with us.

Darren Team Cebu

Photo that Darren posted on his Instagram

And when D was already in their van, fortunately they stayed a bit so we had the chance to take “selfies” with him even if he’s inside the van and we’re outside. :D Crazy? Yes! It was so ridiculous but I didn’t care, it’s D! :D Hahaha. D kept on standing from his seat to take pictures of us, and to pose for the selfies though there was a glass in between. And he posted it on his IG account. That moment I realized Darren is still a kid. He’s so makulit and playful. Pumapatol pa sa mga ganung bagay which he had a choice not to.

The concert night. I came to the venue way earlier than the start of the concert. When I came, they were having their rehearsals which thrilled me because I can already hear his voice.  Some of my co-DARRENatics were already also there and we just patiently waited for the rest. After a while, the admins — Ate Elisa, Ate Elaine, and Kuya Ian with the 2 ladies (ate Nova and ate Kay) — arrived with the props! They were bringing huge boxes and inside it was the lightsabers. They also had tarps, LEDs, flags. I was amazed! HAHAHA. And I was like, “hhuuuuuwwwhhaaaattt?! HAHAHA. Wow! Grabe talaga ang support ba, mag green lang ang Waterfront wagas na wagas” from the naglalakihang tarps, naglalakihang LEDs, to lightsabers, bandanas, flags, to pompoms! grabe na hindi pa mag green ang Waterfont neto!” I just want to acknowledge Kuya Ian’s kabaitan also and his two companion, hindi sila mahirap lapitan, mga napakababait pati si ate Raquel nung dumating na siya. Ang babait nila. Wala akong masabi.

Darrenatics TEam Cebu

Darrenatics Team Cebu with mommy Nel

After a while, mommy Nel came. She’s really very pretty and so kind. Yung tipong di ko ma’explain pero yung paglapit namin sa kanya, ang hinhin namin. HAHAHA! Yung walang sigaw na “SI MOMMY NEL!” hahaha. Ang quiet ng paglapit namin tapos nung nafeel namin na medyo too close kami sa kanya, umatras kami ng slight at napansin ni mommy. Sabi ni mommy, “oh bakit?” at sabay ngiti. Pumayag si mommy Nel ng group picture sa amin. Super bait ni mommy! Sa aura palang niya ay mafi-feel mo na eh.

While we were outside the room where the concert will be held and while waiting for the concert to start, a meet and greet was offered by Spinner. Of course, sinunggaban ko yung chance because I didn’t have a SVIP ticket. During the meet and greet, I was feeling my whole body getting numb. HAHAHA! I’ll get close to D, like yeah. Wait. Really? Yes. That completes the concert event for me! I got to have a pic with D! I got to hold him, to hear his voice and to see his smile.

Cleah with Big D

Cleah with Big D

During the concert, The Voice Kids Top 6 finalists sang the songs they’ve sung during their concert at the PICC. When D was the one to perform, the crowd really turned wild. His voice, super ganda, super taas, super galing. Pati ang pamatay na D’ moves. Naku! Ang bawat indak niya, hayyy. Nakakaloka lang eh. Matatameme ka na lang tapos bigla mapapasigaw. Parang di mo na alam kung ano talaga ang magiging reaksyon. The lightsabers were seen, the LEDs glowed and it was just so WOW! Honestly, it was my first concert experience and I never imagined that one day I’ll watch a concert, but I finally did because of D.

I want to thank and congratulate everyone who made the concert successful. Until now to be honest, hindi pa nagsi-sink in lahat. In fact, as I write this, it feels like everything has just happened yesterday. I’m now a confirmed fan. I know D is real, D exists! Hindi na lang ako nag-iimagine sa taong sinusuportahan ko. Totoo na talaga ito! That whole concert experience will never be forgotten for the rest of my life. I’ll be forever a DARRENatic, and forever I’ll be happy. 

-Cleah (Darrenatics Team Cebu)

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  1. Trisha Vi-An Villegas says:

    Ang swerte naman po ng tags cebu. Sana next time sa tanauan Batangas naman hehe. I’m a big big big big big big big big fan of Kuya Darren. #DARRENatics

  2. pwde bang sumali sa “Darrenatics Cebu niyo..fan na fan ko po kasi Darren kahit eh chek niyo fb ko..
    salamat po ng marami :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  3. darren sobrang idol kita fan na fan mo tlga ako i love you D


  5. Lyxes Noemer says:

    Gusto ko din siya makita at makaduwet

  6. jen lyza lupango says:

    I love u Darren Espanto.
    I want to be part of Darrenatics??

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