team-darrenatics DARRENatic noun \Dæ-rren-’na-tik\

  • a person (of any age) who is overflowing with extreme admiration and intense adoration to the Total Performer, DARREN ESPANTO
  • someone who sees DARREN ESPANTO not only as a singer but a perfect combination of incredible talent and good-natured character
  • a being in the universe who can truly distinguish real talent from faux
  • a believer that dreams come true only if you strive hard and ALWAYS STAY HUMBLE
  • he/she who comprise a team where camaraderie and friendship dominates above all

Darrenatics are the shadow behind Darren Espanto’s success. They started with hundreds of people and the group was founded on the 1st of June 2014. Their countless efforts attest the genuine support and love that they’re showing to the Total Performer. No one imagined that this groupie would have thousands of members, the numbers are growing and growing each day not just in the Philippines but, also worldwide. Darrenatics are as talented as Darren. Since the group is composed of people with different expertise from different fields, it has more than 5 Teams that can help all members to be updated about Darren’s schedules and shows. We have Social Media Team. They’re in-charge on every social media activities that can help not only Darren but also Darrenatics to rock the Trending List. If you have any inquiries and suggestions, you can email socialmedia@darrenatics.com. The second one we have is Multimedia Team. All stuff you see that are being posted on the website, those are the creative ideas from the Team’s brilliant minds. Updates will be posted as often as possible with the help of our Writers. Our approachable Admins can also assist the members of Darrenatics with regards to some queries and you can email them at admins@darrenatics.com. If you have suggestions and beautiful ideas, don’t hesitate to send it to writers@darrenatics.com. Darrenatics have Marketing Team as well. We started to merchandise Darrenatics shirts and members can now avail it. Soon enough, we’ll also open an online store wherein you can purchase other Darren Espanto and Darrenatics goods. Kindly email marketing@darrenatics.com for your orders and other concerns. Our TV Crew Team is also there to cover every show and event Darren would have. They are more than happy to read your thoughts by sending them an email to tvcrew@darrenatics.com. If you’re here in the Philippines, you can coordinate to our Team Philippines’ email at teamphilippines@darrenatics.com. And, if you’re based overseas, don’t you worry because you can reach our Team Worldwide admins through teamworldwide@darrenatics.com. Of course we want everything to be legalized. Just email legalteam@darrenatics.com for some legal matters. Indeed, Darren Espanto and Darrenatics are now being known worldwide. We want to share the success that’s coming our way with all of you. Happiness and positivity always. Cheers!