A Day of Green Hearts

darren espanto soulful serenade at gloriettaMany hearts shared the love and became one as Darren’s soulful serenades heated up not only the couples but also the singles of various ages and genders.

The Glorietta Activity Center was filled with green hearts as Darren soulfully serenaded the DARRENatics on February 14, 2015. It was not only a celebration of the Valentine’s season but also a showcase of Darren’s excellent talent.

The program hasn’t started yet but Darren’s endearing voice echoed all over the area with his songs being played in the background and pictures shown on the stage screen. With the crowd already filling up the entire area as early as 4 in the afternoon, excitement was manifested in the faces of different individuals who were there to join the celebration. Even the 2nd and 3rd level of the mall was brimming with DARRENatics.

Scheduled at 6pm, the event kicked off with a bliss as Darren’s “Somebody to Love” music video was shown on screen. Everyone was excitingly screeching and singing to the rhythm of the song. Afterwards, the excitement was even heightened when Darren appeared on stage looking dazzling on his grey coat.

He started serenading the crowd with the song “Love Never Felt So Good”. Joyful uproars was heard everywhere as Darren rocked the activity area with his wonderful performance. Right after the song, he thanked and wished everyone a happy Valentine’s day. He continued to capture everyone’s heart as he performed “Ewan Ko,” which is another love song from his debut album. After the performance, the crowd screamed form the top of their lungs as Darren said, “Pag sinabi ko pong inlove ako, ibig sabihin, inlove na inlove ako sa mga DARRENatics.”

He then followed singing Whitney Houston’s “One Moment in Time”, which further set the mood on fire. Louder screams filled the activity area whenever Darren belted the high notes.

Darren Espanto Valentines showNext in the line-up of songs was Coach Sarah’s “Forever’s Not Enough.” The crowd went wild as Darren reached the highest part of the song flawlessly. After the performance, he had a small chitchat with the audience and partly introduced the following song. He kept up with the soulful serenade as he gave justice to Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud.” The audience was surely thrilled as they sang along with Darren. Afterwards, he sang “Stuck”, the most requested song on his album. It was then followed by his personal favorite song from the movie Twilight, “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri.

The show eventually had to end. The audience’s excitement didn’t die as they sang along with Darren performing his album’s carrier single, “Inlove Ako Sa Yo”. Then he announced that its music video would be released at MYX the next day. After the soulful serenade, the meet and greet session followed where the DARRENatics were able to personally meet Darren, had their album signed, and had their photo taken with him.

Darren’s valentine invasion became a very momentus event for the DARRENatics, especially to Kathleen Cruz, a 25-year old lady who has cerebral palsy. She was sitting on a wheel chair and travelled all the way from Bataan with her family to join the DARRENatics community celebrate the season of hearts with her idol. She, together with the DARRENatics on the hall, witnessed the eloquent performances of Darren and had a memorable meet and greet, where Darren went down the stage to come closer and had their picture taken. After the event, she moved out of the cordoned area with tears of joy knowing that she finally met her idol.

This Valentine’s Day, Darren and the DARRENatics have shared their time and hearts to celebrate this once in a year occasion of love. With Darren being a total performer and with great character, the DARRENatics will continue to love and support this excellent young man. Truly, the valentine season is not only for couples committed to each other, but for everyone who values unconditional love above all.

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  1. Angel Jane Dumalag says:

    Hi team!!! Di pa rin maka get over sa dimples ni D.

  2. Marie Herreta says:

    Hi co-Darrenatics! Had been watching D’s guesting at GGV repeatedly for more than 50 times already… and still enjoyed every bit of it – so proud of our bebe!

  3. Denielle Kristina Valencia says:

    swerte nila T^T sana nandun ako….

  4. Renren says:

    Grabe sana makita ko sya personally, mapanood sya magperform ng live at magkaroon ng picture with him. Kahit groupie lang,basta andun ako at kasama nya. Kailan kaya yun? Sana sa birthday ko pwede na. Makita ko sya,best b-day na yun.

  5. Angel says:

    Wl na ako msb total performer tlag just stay humble and just keep your foot on the ground .At go for platinum ntn ang album n darren keep on votng on myx award at yong pep.Slmt fanpage na prting nnndyn n ngupdate sa mall tour at concert ny sanapagptuloy ny guys gwng five milions etong funpage na e2

  6. esmeralda garay says:

    nakakamiss haha sana feb 14 ule :) ohh darren <3

  7. bianca mae persia says:

    nakaka mish talaga si bebe darren whoahhhhhhh!!!!! i wish feb. 14 again!!! i miss that

  8. Angel says:

    Happy ten month anniversary darrenatics sana mgtagal pa tyo guys.Keep supporting our mr.domino at sana masoldout n yong birthday concert make a history guys first youngest performer soldout concert in moa wr can do it guys for our total performer .god bless you all darrenatics

  9. Angel says:

    Mga darrenatics isoldout ntn brthday conçert n darren konti b dw nsold n ticket 2k p lng tulongan ntn sya d pa sya nkpagpromote mlpt n concert pls. Guys ngaalala n ako konti p ang nbnta

  10. Rolando says:

    Go Darren.. you can do it lets make darren concert a history he truly deserve. Young boy with gold heart and humble beginnings do not change that is make you to be the best.

  11. Angel says:

    Happy 11 th monsary pl darrenstics sna dumagal pa e2 .Guys ilang 2log n lng mlpt d birthday concert sna masoldout n kht lng yn gift ntn sa concert ny yong isa tyo ngcheer sa moa at part of the most memorable concert ever and i pray this concert wll sold out and suuccessful.

  12. Yl-yl says:

    Ilang tulog nalang D birthday concert na manonoud ba kayo?? You beter watch it guyss…For me this is the most memorable concert ever…

  13. Angel says:

    Congrats darren sa male promising singer and performer.Sa pep cograts male teen star of the year.Advance happy birthday wish ko for you good health and more concert to come and stay humble.Congrats in advance sa birthday concert mo at sana masoldout n ticket we can do it darrenatics make it memorable to our total performer the youngest singer perform at moa arena .Sold n ntn pls. Guys

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