Darren Espanto: The Total Performer that Inspires


Davin finally meets Darren

A great artist is someone who articulates himself clearly, gives justice to his talents, and most importantly, influences other people by just the way he lives.

Honestly, I was never a fan of anybody even if there is a lot of great artists. At times, I wonder why many people are very fascinated with those actors, singers, dancers, and so on. But, the moment I saw Darren on the TVK Blind Audition, I had this weird feeling that he’d be my Super Idol. Hehe… The Performing Arts Theater was surrounded by his presence and he proved his worth to be part of the competition. He’s a great total performer and a genuine person as well. Darren is indeed phenomenal. His great character, pleasing personality, powerful voice, and awesome moves have mixed altogether for him to become the next shining star. Lately, I’ve been into struggles. I came to a point of asking God why I have this kind of life, and what’s the essence of it. Then, Darren came. His voice brings healing to my wounded heart and peace to my restless mind. What makes my day complete is to watch his performances. He is a total performer that inspires. I am confident to say that God uses him to inspire me and at the same time, to encourage me not to stop believing, living and dreaming. His own renditions of One Moment in Time and Ngayon made the greatest impacts in my heart and soul. Those were his best performances not just because those were perfect but, each and every lyric of the songs touched my heart. A message that my own one moment is about to happen if I won’t give up. His God-given talent reminds me of my own capacity and capability, that I have to master them and don’t neglect what God has given me. Now, I am enlightened even further that I have to dream with sense of direction, to spend every moment with purpose, to grab any opportunity with gratefulness, to let every mistake be a lesson, to envision a future with impossibility to possibility, and to endeavour life with enthusiasm. I may be older than him but I wish to be like him, not just because of his talents but, because of his character.

Sa dami ng mga nagmamahal sa kanya, I know that it seems impossible for me to have a simple chitchat with him. But personally, I’d like to see, to thank, and to inform him in person how grateful I am to God that there is one Darren Espanto who inspires me a lot. Maski makapagpapicture lang, mukhang malabo. But, it won’t change a thing. Maski anong mangyari, he’d always be the one and only Darren Espanto. Hehehe… Each and every Darrenatic deserves to have a moment with him. Pero maski hindi ko siya makita, masaya na ako kung malaman niya yung naging impact niya sa pagkatao ko.

However, the moment I learned that Darren will have his in-store autograph signing on August 31, 2014 at MOA, I decided right away to call off my appointments for the said date. I felt like it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet and greet my Super Idol and I couldn’t bear to miss it. Somehow, I prayed to God hoping that Darren would visit SM Megamall since it’s near my place. Then one Sunday afternoon, I was very much delighted when I found out that he’d have an in-store autograph signing in Astroplus, SM Megamall. ’Twas like a dream come true for me. Indeed, this one moment could last a memory of a lifetime. I was astonished and I couldn’t help but to become joyous and grateful. And then the day has come. I had a sigh of bliss when I finally caught a glimpse of Darren. He’s like a legendary angel with powerful voice and great character. My day was complete when I had a photo with him although it was just in a jiffy. From that time, I was very much convinced that nothing is impossible when you do want something and if you let God make this dream a reality for you. Meeting Darren is a tantamount to miracle. That’s why many are supporting him. Just like me, they’ve been captivated by his voice, captured by his movements, and inspired by his humility.

-Davin Shujin


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  1. Cristy says:

    Since I watched you online in TheVoice Kids Blind Audition I became a fan of you, until the FInals. Was very sad when you did not make it… but with all these guestings and tv performances proves that you are a GREAT Performer. Keep it up. As what your Dad says on the Interview from differrent shows remain and KEEP Humble. God Bless you even more!

    • marites Parungao angeles says:

      I’m a single mom and a permanent resident here in Canada who came from Science city of Munoz….a hardworking director of an accredited school here in Calgary ,,,,,You just changed my life Darren,your Voice made me forget all my pains .being away from my son is something I endure until i had the chance to watched you and from then on,,,I became your fan…i have a 16 yrs.old ,like you he’s very humble,cute and a dreamer….I wish you more success and i’m so proud because your parents raised you well.God bless your family!!

  2. Beth Montecillo says:

    At first, I do not watch The Voice Kids because I have no TFC in Dubai and besides I don’t want to be hooked up in that show. I know myself very well that when I start watching the show, I will not leave it unfinished ’till the very end. But I read one of my FB friend’s post concerning TVK and it has a link. I clicked it and presto I was right there watching the videos. Believe me I did not sleep until I watched them all. Of all the blind auditions, baby Darren’s audition is my favorite one….upbeat song with stunning voice and so graceful body movement. and of course good looking boy. That was the beginning of this Darrenatic.

    I started to root him up in YouTube. I said this boy has a pleasant manners and eloquence in speech as most people would notice him. He never boasted that he already had a record on sale in iTune….or never mentioned in the interview that he already had a concert in Canada. Very low profile yet so charming and classy. With his voice and smile he will leave a mark in one’s heart.

    So young at 12 years old during the blind audition at TVK, yet when you look at him on stage during the performance, he is a veteran in singing. I could hear an adult voice in a body of a boy. I never heard him sing half baked in his videos. He sings out his heart with perfection. And during his interview by Luis Manzano, he was noticed that he speaks Tagalog so fluent though he was born and raised in Calgary, Canada. With this kind of upbringing kudos to the parents: Lyndon Espanto and Marinel Espanto for that nationalistic heart and Praise God for this hearts that never ignored the Philippine culture to inculcate in the minds and hearts of their children. And despite their hectic schedule for the work they have more time to look after the talent of their children. At age two years old they already noticed the natural talent of this wonderful kid and they never ignored it, but, supported Darren to hone his talent and tried to compete in Pinoy Singing Sensation to NEXT STAR and lately TVK. As a mother, to me this is so inspiring! Darren is a child or grand child the parents and grand parents want their children and grand children to be.

    I analyzed how difficult it was to sustain their expenses climbing up to reach this dream of Darren. I can Imagine and comparing their process as sharpening the Ax. It has to undergo fire and hammer to flatten and removing some pieces in the edge to make it suceptible to cutting and producing more output. Just like the sacrifices of these family, I know, God willing, after all these, they are starting now to reap good will, fame and fortune because of Darren. Though his way gave him so much exhaustion and the fatigue yet with greater courage to go on no matter what and holding on to God.

    During the announcement of the champion in TVK I heard another name. That was a nightmare to me. Outright I closed my laptop with so much disappointments and tears rolling my cheek and I was uttering Darren is the One!!! I imagined the sacrifices of the parents and Darren himself. The bashing of the haters and the envious people…..oh I said I can not take this anymore…..I wanted to hug Darren and tell him it’s ok we are here to support you….we will push you up to your dream.

    To tell you the truth until now I do not know what happened next to the announcement of the name of the champion in TVK. I never dare watch it. I felt it was my dream that was crashed. And the good news is… the only medicine to this aching heart is the voice of Darren performing on stage. That is the best therapy for me. I praise and thank God for giving us such a gift….it’s our baby Darren!! I am alive and healed by God through the voice of our champion. And by the way, I’m not only Darrenatic I am Espantastic!!! Inpired by the Espantos: Lyndon – the singer dad, Marinel – the choreographer mom, Lynelle – the budding singer sister, Darren – The Total Performer. Shalom!!! I exalt God in every performance of Darren !

    I wish I will meet you Darren when I go home to the Philippines on September 2014. Soar high but grow your wings all the way down. Do not be elated by the fame and limelights and screams of your name but instead always give the glory and thanksgiving to God. Grace and Peace be with you. God Bless you all the time!

    • Beth Montecillo says:

      Sept 5, 2014

      Hello baby Darren,

      I just want to say to you that I love you baby boy. I feel like you are my son. I’m so proud of you not only as as a singer but the person that you are. I always include you in my prayers. Please take time to know Jesus and have a relationship with Him as He is the Way the, The Truth and The Life. Having Jesus in your life will lead you to everlasting life. Remember, our life, fame and fortune are all temporary; You can not bring anything to your grave. Our citizenship is in Heaven and there, everything will be joy and effortless. As early as this age of yours you ought to know that GOD LOVES YOU and HE WANTS YOUR HEART. Stay humble in the eyes of God and remain under the Grace of God. With a grateful heart, I praise God for your life in Jesus’ Name. Amen !!!

      • Beth Montecillo says:

        Hello baby Darren,

        You are fearfully and wonderfully made by our God. You are blessed with talent, charm, good looks, and good heart, etc. I praise God for what you are. Always Praise God and Thank Him for all He’s done in your life, for it is Him whom glory and thanksgiving belong. Stay humble even if you are soaring high in your career. Do not be elated by the praises and fame you have, pass it to God so that you will always remain lowly in His sight. I am a follower of Jesus Christ and a certified darrenatic.

        • Beth Montecillo says:

          May the Grace and Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you always baby Darren. We are here to support you….and push you up. Delight yourself to our Lord so that He will give the desires of your heart. God Bless you and keep you and your loved ones!

          • Beth Montecillo says:

            Hi baby Darren, I just want to send my warm greetings to you….I hope you are fine. Have a good rest and eat well.

            Good luck to all your performances and God Bless you all the time.

          • Beth Montecillo says:

            Hi baby Darren,

            I hope to see you on your concert at Music Museum on October 4, 2014. By that time I am already in Manila from Dubai. I am excited. I am hoping to get 2 VIP Gold Tickets. Good luck to me. God willing me and my husband will be there.

            God Bless you baby and all your performances, wherever. God is good all the time! Praise and Thanks God!

          • Beth Montecillo says:

            Hi baby Darren,

            CONGRATULATIONS to your SOLD OUT CONCERT to be held in Music Museum on October 4, 2014. I am excited to see you in action and belting out your heart. When I was in Dubai I was really praying that I will be able to watch one of your concerts or Mall Tours. Thank God I have 2 VIP GOLD Tickets, that’s my advance treat for my birthday on Oct 26. By the way, I already have my TVK Album for you to sign. I really thank God that the poster inside is your picture if not I will return it or buy again. Baby D, this is my first time to support and an artist….I am your prayer warrior….I am following you in your IG. I wish you will follow me because I have so much wisdom to share to you ….the wisdom of God. God is with you and He loves you. Grace and peace be with you all the time!!

          • Beth Montecillo says:

            Hi Baby Darren,

            Congratulations to your very successful TheTotalPerformanceConcert. Me and my son was there with the VIP GOLD TICKET holders. It was such a memorable night. You surpassed my expectations on your performance. You are loved and we love you more. You have proven that you are really The Total Performer that everyone is saying. After the show I got the chance to take picture with your mom and that was enough for me though I was wishing to have picture with you. When I tried during the signing of the TVK Album, I was the first one accommodated yet I failed to take picture with you because I was not allowed. It’s ok. The most important is that I’ve seen you in person. Thank God for your life. Praise the Lord God who created you loaded with talents and with heart full of love. Please be aware always that Jesus loves you so much. Always give the glory and thanksgiving to Him whom all these are due. I created the DARREN ESPANTO PRAYER WARRIOR GROUP. I wish you can open it and pray with us. With much love and prayer, I give glory to God because He is Good All the Time …And all the time God is Good!

    • tess casimina says:

      hello beth, i just read your article about darren, and really it brought tears in my eyes as i remember how sad and disappointed i was when another name was announced as winner in tvk finals as if it was my own dream that was shattered just like you..But God has greater plans, and its amazing how God lifts him up, truly you will discover the Champion after the competition..and i thank God for bringing me back the joy of having Darren with us to share His gifts…Like you, i am a follower of Jesus, and a darrenatic …enjoy your vacation in Phils and have a blast on Oct 4 concert. See u all there…

      • Beth Montecillo says:

        Hi Tess Cassimina,

        Thank you for dropping by and read my article. I know we share the same sentiments regarding the journey of Big D in TVK. I never thought somebody is reading this article of mine. Actually this time I was about to write down that this is supposed to be my last letter to make because I feel like nobody dares to read my letters and that I might just be making a mess and adding up to the crowd in here. I am a big fan of Big D ….I think I will just remain silent probably. Thanks again Tess. By the way are you going to attend the concert on Oct 4? I will be there, God willing…I got 2 VIP Gold Tickets. I bought the TVK Album for signing. Thanks God!

        • Judie says:

          Hello Mam beth :)

          I am also an avid fan of Darren :) even though i cant watch all his concerts and mallshows bec. of in distant but im thankful to those mgt. of this page who always uploaded videos and pictures of him :) and thats enough reaon for me to smile :)

        • Rosalinda mallari says:

          I read your whole article and i love it.i am a fan of Darren too and i look at every article about him..i feel i cant enjoy any day without me knowing anything new about him..i believe i got addicted to this young lovable kid..super magaling talaga..Mind you i am a grandma at 61 but still a big fan of Darren. I wish one day i could watch his performance live like you.Medyo mahirap matupad but who knows di ba..

  3. Jenn04 says:

    As I was reading what David Shujin and Cristy wrote here, my eyes dropped some tears.. I can sense how genuine you idolize Darren and so am I. The way you felt from that time You guys watched him sang that “Domino from the blinds and his journey on the TVK, until the finals when we were all literally “broken hearted” because he didn’t win. When that time the world knew that HE WAS THE ONE.. was somehow exactly the way I felt as well. It was quite a while before I moved on with the result. Now, by just watching his videos and photos makes my day better. Thank you for coming into our lives.. I am one very proud DARRENatic here.

    And I want to acknowledge and thank all the DARRENAtics’ admins and TV crews for bringing HIM closer to us fans.. So thankful you guys are there!

  4. Mark Julius O. Capili says:

    First of all, IDOL ko si Darren Espanto because of his amazing talent and great personality. Mabait na bata and very approachable pa sa mga fans niya. Napaka-generous pa and very humble. Simula pa lang nung blind audition eh idol ko na siya. Mas lalo akong bumilib sa kanya nung kinanta niya yung “One Moment in Time” and yung “Ngayon by Basil Valdez”. Kahit hindi siya ang nag-champion sa TVK eh proud pa rin kameng mga Darrenatics sa kanya dahil we all know na malayo ang mararating niya and he will surely shine bright like a Diamond. Gusto ko sanang pumunta sa TVK Grand Finale sa Resorts World kaso wala akong budget.

    I really want to meet or just see him personally and have a picture with him and sa wakas nagkaroon ako at least one picture with Darren. Nung nalaman ko na may taping si Darren ng GGV through Darrenatics group eh agad akong pumunta sa ABS-CBN at nagbakasali ako na makapasok at mapanuod si Darren live and alam naming mali to pretend na Fans ni Darlene but we took the opportunity para makapasok just to see Darren. I had a chance na magpapicture kay Darren after GGV Taping and it was a memorable experience for me and it was my first ever picture with him. I got a chance to know more about Darren Espanto. After GGV taping, inabangan namin si Darren Espanto sa may Starbucks ng ELJ Building and hindi kami nabigo na makita siya. Kahit nagmamadali na siyang umalis because of his tight schedule eh pinagbigyan pa rin niya kami on a group picture and nung nakasakay na siya sa Car nila, he opened the window and kumaway siya and nag-goodbye siya to all his fans na nandun.

    My another experience is when he had an album signing together with Edray at SM Megamall. It was held last August 26, 2014. I was working at Shangrila by that time and kahit may work ako eh humanap ako ng paraan para makapunta sa SM Megamall and besides malapit lang naman yun sa work ko. Nung pumunta na ako ng SM Megamall eh tapos na yung Album Signing pero naabutan ko siya and I had a chance to see him again kahit na hindi ako nakapagpa-picture. Worth it pa din kase nakita ko ulit siya in person. I hope to see him again soon.

    Paano nga ba nabago ni Darren Espanto ang buhay ko? Dati kahit na Idol ko ang isang celebrity, hindi ako yung tipo na pumupunta sa mga Mall show nila or sa mga gigs nila pero when it comes to Darren nagbago lahat yun. Pag alam kong malapit lng at alam ko yung way papunta sa Mall shows ni Darren sugod agad ako! Dati hindi ako bumibili ng Album para lang makapasok at makapagpa-sign sa Celebrity pero when it comes to Darren nagbago lahat. Grabe yung experience ko sa MOA, album signing ni Darren. Nakipagsiksikan ako kahit sobrang daming tao para lang makabili ng album ni Darren at malapitan siya ng personal. Kahit na d ako nakapagpapicture sa kanya eh ok lng at least nakita ko siya ulit sa personal at nakapagpa-autograph pa hehe. Dati hindi ako pumupunta sa ABS-CBN para lang mag-abang ng mga Celebrity pero ngayon lagi na ako pumupunta pag wala ako work makita ko lng at makapagpa-picture kay Darren Espanto. Lahat ng TV guestings niya na d ko napapanuod because of my work eh pinapanuod ko pa rin via Internet pagkauwi ko galing trabaho. Idol ko siya not only because of his World class talent but also because of his great personality. :)

  5. Julie Trinidad says:

    I just love Darren Lyndon Gonzales Espanto. No reasons ’cause love don’t need reasons why you truly love someone. It can’t be describe too. So, I love Darrenbaby bucause I love him. <3 Haha :D

  6. Vicky says:

    When i saw Darren in TVK Blind Audition i have a smooth feeling in his personality, very classy yung appearance nya at boooom!!! Pagkanta nya ng Domino arghhh…talagang perfect at super taas ng boses!!! then after that hindi ko na cia maalis sa isip ko hahaha! dun nagstart na akong nagresearch sa youtube, google, FB etc..ay bongga dagdagan nanaman and hanga ko sa kaniya nung makita ko na sa Canada ay Nagjoined then siya sa top 6 TNS:) then champion siya sa PSS!!! Talagang sa murang edad nya he is so very talented as in. Pag gising sa umaga, pagkain, buong araw sa office video niya lahat pinanuod ko this is my first experience to idolize someone he he he….and he deserves naman sakit lng isipin na hindi THE VOICE yung binasihan THE THE TEXT VOICE hahah!!! pero tulad ngayun pina tunayan mo talaga na deserving ka!!! and we will always continue to support you forever:).

  7. ana maria says:

    DARREN CHANGED MY LIFE…he makes me happy..no more lonely days and bitterness in me.No words can explain how happy i am when i became one of his fans.no matter what i will be forever Darrenatics.

  8. ging says:

    Believe din ako sa singing ability mo plus galing pa sumayaw :))) kakaiba…hinding-hindi nakakasawa! For me, Darren means “determined”. He sacrificed everything to fulfill his dreams.Kaya naman sarap suportahan eh. I am a fan and a believer! God bless lage sa performance mo :)))

  9. jel ramos says:

    ,simula’t sapUL paLang, blind auditioN ni darren, aY! KuHang kuha nYa na ang puso ko..talagang sya lang ang inabangan ko..hmp..honestly -.first time ko talagang bumotO sa buOng buhay ko, at nireplayan pa nman na voting line is closed,,eh! Kasasabi pa lang na start na ang voting..so disAppoInteD-!til nOw, hnd pa rin ako nkarecover sa resuLt..firSt tym ko pa nMan ang bumOto..
    ,thougH..ang ginaWa ko nalang, lahat ng viDeos and pictUres ni daRrEn eh nag download ako..hindi kase buo ang araw ko pag hndi ko sya makita..mas may time pa nga ako sa kanya kaysa sa BF ko eh…,.toToO talaga..ngayoN lang ako nagkaganito , in my 23yrS eXistence..walang tUlug sa kaKaAbAng ng bAgoNg updates..at talaga nAman, nakikipag awaY pa ako e dEfEnd ko lang ang pangalan ni darRen..hmp..napakalaki talaga ang impaCt ng bAtang ito sa buhay ko..maHaL na maHal ka talaga namin darRen.

  10. Ivy S. Moniva says:

    How I wish, I could also meet DARREN in person!! As what as SHUJIN RALBIN describe you is such a real big true.. because you have the all in all! -the VOICE, ATTITUDE, and GOD FEARING. :-) Hope to see you IDOL, soon! <3. Love You & Take Care ALWAYS!!

  11. jheline dolim says:

    My story kung bkit ko nging idol si baby DARREN, 1st d ako nanonood ng mga ganyang show, til one time tumawag ako sa mother ko sa pinas sabi nya, ang galing kumanta ni LYCA ung sa the voice dw, so nag search ako, bout lyca, dko nman ngustuhan, siguro magka iba kmi ni mother, after that dna ako nag search ulit about, then my bestfriend ask m, sinuh dw bet ko sa TVK sabi ko wala d nman ako nonood nun. Sabi nya LYCA dw gusto nya, then un nga nanalo na nga ang LYCA nila. Wala nman sakin un kasi ala nman ako bet sa knila ei. Hangang isang araw wala akong pasok nag search ako sa youtube ng mga performance nilang 4. Then binabasa ko rin ang mga comment bawat video, nag ttaka ako bkit my mga negative comments, so nag search more ako about darren. Dun ko lang na realize na DAPAT SIYA ANG NANALO kasi mgaling talaga siya,

    Dun nag simula ang lahat qung bkit idol ko ngaun si BB DARREN, iba ang dating nya sakin, mula ng nkita ko mga performance nya sa Canada at sa the voice, subrang WOW ako sa knya. Nsabi ko nlang sayang dapat sya ang nanalo, nkkawala ng homesick siya pag nappanood ko. At talaga nman nappuyat ako sa kkanood ng mga video nya khit paulit ulit na ang kanta nya, inaabangan ko kung saan ang mga event nya. After work un ung una qung kmustahin sa page at youtube.

    Sa totoo lang wala akong super like talaga na mga celebreties

  12. jheline dolim says:

    But now i really love DARREN. Maybe because his cute, npaka mgalang, bsta pag uwi ko ng pinas ggwa talaga ako ng way para mkita siya ak mkapag pa picture, i ask my mother and my beztfriend, Good to know na they like DARREN now, :) THANK YOU to all DARRENATICS TV CREW sa lahat ng efforts nyo for DARREN and THANK YOU dahil sa pag bbgay nyo ng update bout him ei tlaga nman nkka pawi ng pagud THANK YOU ALL and GOD BLESS.

  13. Johann Tuan says:

    I hope that Darren would do the ice bucket challenge

  14. Joanne says:

    Aug 19,2014 was the date i started to know and admire Darren. I’m from night duty(11pm-7am) that time. While waiting for my sweetheart’s message/call who’s working in Toronto, i decided to open my ipad to watch anything in Youtube. Then, there’s a recommendation there to watch “the Voice kids” performances of Lyca and Darren. I’m not regularly watching TV since I’m always busy surfing the net and listening to songs, so i wasn’t able to watch the show regularly. What i heard when my roommate was watching, was about Lyca since she’s just young and came from a poor family but with great voice.
    I haven’t heard of Darren that time. I just told myself…”hmm while waiting for the call, let me watch their performances.” I watched lyca’s performance first, then Darren. After watching Darren’s rendition of the song “Ngayon”, i got amazed with his voice. Oh my, what a voice “taas ng boses grabe.” Then i started to browse more until i found out that he already joined the TNS when he was in Canada (he was singing “payphone”). He was so charming and his voice made my jaw dropped! Plus his moves and smile really makes you melt ^_^. I started to search and search more everything about him and dowloaded his performances, then search the FB to look for his account and that’s the start of my addictness! Haha! I almost forgot that i’m from duty that time. He wakes me up with his performances. I fell asleep late, i think passed 12nn.
    It’s my 2nd time to admire an artist/singer. But it’s my first time to have an instagram just to follow him, to wake up early in the morning just to watch his guestings at makipagsiksikan sa MOA just to see him. I can’t believe myself. So happy to see you in MOA. You look more handsome/cute in person.
    Thank you Darren for being an inspiration to us. Stay humble! All things work together for good. Step by step and you’ll reach the success! “Seek Him first and all these things will be added unto you.” God bless you and your family! Super lakas ng charm ng batang to…grrrr!
    btw, thanks DARRENactics admin for this hardwork! You were amazing just like Darren! So proud of this team.

  15. Fatima says:

    Nakakainspire talaga itong si Darren.I’m a 35yrs old mom with 2 sons at nagtratrabaho sa ibang bansa.Together with my coworkers,inaabangan lagi namin sya sa TVK noon at hoping rin na sya ang mananalo.Nalungkot din kami sa naging resulta pero siguro it’s God’s own way to show us not to give up no matter what.Kasi si Darren,eventhough he did not win,he never gave up to share his talents and his life to be an inspiration to us Filipinos all over the world .Kahit pagod na pagod kami after our work shifts from the hospital,mapanood lang sya sa TFC at youtube is more than enough para maalis ang stress at homesickness namin.He’s really an angel to us.Even if chaos is everywhere,Darren is our hope that peace,kindness and love still exists. God bless you little one,may your goodness radiates to everyone.Take care always and keep your feet on the ground.

    • John Paul Balanza says:

      Like your statement: Darren is our hope that peace, kindness and love still exist. I just want to confirm it. He really is.

  16. Harlyn Bautista says:

    I just wanna say i love you baby darren..since i hear your voice and see you inTVK.nging fan mo na ako…hope to see you in person..you bring joy to my life…everytime i see you and hear your voice i’m really really happy…nothing can explain how i feel…basta npksaya ko…love you from the bottom of my heart…always take care…god bless you..

  17. Davin says:

    Hi, guys! Do you want your stories to be featured dito sa website? You can email your write-ups sa writers@darrenatics.com at malay nyo i-post din ng Multimedia team yung story nyo. Please also attach your photo(s) with Darren. XD

  18. joyce fatima says:

    Hi Darren! It seems that I couldn’t find the best word to describe you. You’re such an exceptional one with an awesome talent. No doubt your future is guaranteed because even now, you’ve reached a kaleidoscopic peak. CONGRATULATIONS DARREN! I still have a tremendous aftermath of the competition you were onto cause until now I keep sayin’ You’re the TRUE CHAMPION IN OUR HEARTS! We, the people who at the first moment have believed in you, can see on your consecutive TV and concert guestings and mall tours that in every song you sing, you always deserve a slow clap! You perform professionally, the reason why even great singers and known personalities look up to you. Not just that, but with the attitude that you carry at all times, HUMILITY AND POLITENESS. GOD BLESS YOU AS YOU WILL KEEP TRAVERSING YOUR HEART’S DESIRES. I WILL ALWAYS BE and FOREVER BE ONE OF YOUR MILLION FANS, the DARRENATICS.

  19. nadzrifa says:

    darren ilove you i hope that i will see you that is may greatest fear that i will meet you

  20. nadzrifa says:

    darren addition plang nkita kita ang sbi k sa kpatid ko ay fwapo na c darren yn tpos 13 plang sya ako12 tpos sbi ng kpatid ko na nady cornie daw ako per ako wla ang pakealam hanggang may pasok na kmi sa school pinagaagawan ka namin darren pagkatpos ng ilang araw hindi kanila idol sabi ko wag nakayo mag idol kai darren kc iniwan kalng nil sa hanggin tpos sasabihin sayo bakla ka daw nakaiyak tlaga nung sinabi nila na bakla ka ang sabi ko sakanila wag daw kyo ganyan seloss lng kyo kc c darren ang crush ko at wag ninyo sya matawagtawag na bakla kc ako ang makakalaban niyo at tumahimik sila kya happy na ako dhil wala ng tumatawag kay darren na bakla hai basta darren ilove you ipagtatangol kita darren khit knino pa

  21. Aiza Gelilang says:

    I am so proud to be Darrenatic <3 Stay humble baby. I'm always watching your videos everyday kahit nasa office ako at busy, basta yung earphones ko nasa tenga ko lng palagi at nakikinig ng songs mo. I will never get tired of supporting you. Your awesomeness is phenomenal! You're the best. ILY to the moon and back! Please continue to inspire us not just thru your voice but thru your personality. Hope to meet you in person. God Bless you and your awesome family!
    -Ate Aiza here

  22. Nicole Banlaoi says:

    Kahit ito ang first day ko na maging Darrenatics :) Feeling ko ang tagal tagal ko na dito sa Darrenatics,ang tagal tagal ko nang sumusuporta :D. Wish ko na Sana balang araw makita kita o magmall show ka dito sa Pangasinan Kuya Ren. Crush na Crush talaga kita wala kang binatbat sa mga Classmates ko Haha :). God Bless You Kuya Darren :D . Hope to See Ya! :)

  23. Nicole Banlaoi says:

    Perfect Package ka po Kuya Darren. Ang galing galing mong kumanta,talaented ka,Mabait,Gwapo at Cute ka po :D Na Sayo na ang Lahat. GooseBumps ako nung kinanta mo yung One Moment In Time Pagkatapos mo pong kinanta yun Bibig ko Nganga Haha. Super Galing mo Idol <3. Hindi ako nagsisisi na ikaw yung Sinuportahan ko hangang huli nung laban. I'm Proud to be Darrenatics :)

  24. julia lumbo says:

    Hi darren! kakatapos lang birthday ko september 06 Sana ma followback mo na ako :) Big fan mo talaga ako promise!! Buti nakapag pa picture na ko sayo hihi. nung nasa sa resorts world manila :)

  25. Chester Calpotura says:

    Everthing seems to be going to fast. From the time TVK was over, kuya Darren’s life became to busy. Television guesting, concerts, cd signing, mall shows and the like. We have seen him grow thinner and deprive of his sleeping and eating cycle. Time will come when his health be affected sooner nor later. God forbids. I hope that whoever is managing his carrer will take all in consideration. His health and his life is at risk. I see him in videos being run away from the crowd. Accidents may happen but if we could avoid it well and good. Its just my personal observation. Thank you. BTW im a PROUD DARRENATIC then, now and beyond!

  26. evelyn morales says:

    I am from Toronto, Canada. I saw you the first time u audition in The NEXT STAR. My 10yr. old kid told me. Look Mom there’s a Filipino in YTV. I replied, “no he’s Chinese”. Then, again he told me, Mom his surname is Espanto. From then on, I followed the Next Star, rooting for you. I believe you should have won the title, but its bec. you are competing with “white’s”, so I guess they’re chances are more. Anyway, I saw how you amazed the judges, and i believed they like u to win too. The only thing I love in next star, is tha,t they’ve given you equal exposure and treatment, unlike in Phil. that I think they give opportunity for whoever wins. Anyway, that is the start of knowing you. My son told me again,” look Mom Darren joined the VOICE kids”. So, again I followed you, until I found out that, I am now a big follower of you. You really make me smile, no matter how big my problem was. I like your voice, and I keep on rewinding again and again the video where you sing. Again, please stay as humble as you are. My family will support u all they way.

  27. John Espinoza says:

    Darren inspires us, so, in the same manner, we should inspire him too!

    Let us all be proud DARRENatics!

    And let us all pray for our Star!

  28. D-A-R-R-E-N ! .. ! he is my inspiration ! Everyone’s inspiration ! always stay humble !

  29. Joi Yoro says:

    HI!! i’m one of the big fan of DARREN ESPANTO.. nung simula plang nung Blind Audition nya, he catches my eyes and my whole heart.. i am speechless now because i don’t know what i feel ryt know.. so.. we love u darren

  30. mary shallyn says:

    nakaka’inngit sila kasi madali ka nilang makita in person but me na nasa malayo baka impossible !
    nandito kme NORTHERN SAMAR ! Punta ka namandito! huhuhu

  31. Steve France M. Loristo says:

    Whooooh :)
    Darren Espanto For the Win :)
    DArrenatics Tayo Diba ! :)
    DArrenatics :) Kaway-kaway !
    Darren Sana Maisipan mong Dumaan Dito sa Valenzuela city :)
    Super Idol Ka nmin Dito :)

  32. 0rzula unayan says:


  33. Bethel Princess Flores says:

    I just remember how my heart broke and almost died when I saw him cry because he did not win the TVK contest. So sad but I know that he is brave enough to push harder for his dreams.

    Always pray to God kiddo, He will always be there for you as well as the darrenatics. I thought hindi na ako makakakilala ng isang Filipino artist na swak na swak sa talent. It’s not just talent that you have but also a good character samahan pa ng magandang looks. Ikaw na talaga eh.! Sabi nga ni Tara sa TNS5 “mannerly he is”. Ang bait mo Darren. You’re a very good example para sa kabataang Pilipino. Though you grew up in Canada, hindi ka na-impluwensiyahan and yet remained polite and humble. I love you Darren from Ate <3

  34. Racky says:

    Stay blessed, Darren. And always smile. :)

  35. riz says:

    awww. this blog is so touching. I’m glad i am a Darrenatic. hopefully, someday, i will have my moment to meet Darren. and for Darren, please always keep your feet on the ground, because it is true that it’s not just your voice that touch our hearts. but your humility that you showed since the day we first saw you on tv. :) your voice touches our hearts, but your humility touches our hearts and souls. You’re truly an inspiring kid. and keep inspiring people Darren! :)

  36. NemielanKCLan says:

    Hi everyone!
    Congratulations Mr. Domino/ the Total Performer. Nakakatuwa kasi pati anak ko na 3 years old nahuhumaling din kay Darren. Sa Totoo lang for the longest time di ako nag reregister sa Instagram kahit pa all my friends has IG , pero dahil gustong gusto ko si Darren, I registered just to follow him on IG.
    Thank you To all The Darrenatics for making this possible for this young gentleman to share his talents and to inspires Us all.
    Proud to be part of the DARRENATICS fan. To God be the Glory.

  37. Novelenne MAe C bienes says:

    Hi Darren Espanto. I am from Solano nueva vizcaya. I am your die hard fan .. simula nung nag audition ka ng the voice kids .. nakakakilig ung boses mo .. at tapos nung pumunta ka sa school nmin sa sls Saint louis school .. d ako nawalan ng pagasa na babalik ka pa .. yun nga bumalik ka pa .. ung mga classmate ko .. naghanda ng pagautograph .. pero d ka nag rum to rum, nung second na pagbalik mo run .. tas pagdating ko sa bahay .. pinapawian na ako nna tumatalon sa kakakwento nung pumunta ka ..
    I’m glad i am a Darrenatic. hopefully, someday, i will have my moment to meet you darren .. at sana pumunta ka ulit doon .. na kumanta ka .. super idol ka nmin .. stay humble darren .. sna d ka magbago .. at sna wag mo pababayaan sarili mo .. nakakainspire ka talaga .. nung araw nga .. nung nandun kme ng mga kaibigan ko sa gymnasium nmin sa school .. sbi nila .. nove si darren ohh :D buiglang lingon kong ganun ehh .. sbi ko asan :D .. wala .. joke lang nmin .. thus snbi ko sa mga calssmate ko na balang araw makikita ko ulit si darren at makakapicture ko sya .. .. im your number one fan darren espanto .. noong natlo ka na second ka lang nung the voice kids . sobrang iyak ko habang tumatalon na hbang snasabi ko na .. bakit natalo si darren .. sna makita ko sya ulit .. huhuhu .. proud to be part of darren`s life.. god bless

  38. chara fe says:

    malapit na ang birthday ko,sana matupad ang wish ko na makita kita sa personal….

  39. Clarish Tan says:

    Hi! I’m also a DARRENatic and I’m from bacolod. Ang layo ko kaya sobrang naiinggit ako sa mga DARRENatics na ilang beses ng nakita si Darren. He is my first and only idol. Kasi kahit nung bata pa ako wala talaga akong tinitingala at hinahangaan. I love music and maraming singers na nagugustuhan ko ang voice nila pero never pa akong nag idolize hanggang narinig ko ang voice nya. First nung battle round sa TVK kasi I didn’t watched his audition kasi wala ako sa bahay.

  40. tess casimina says:

    hi davin, thanks for your article, truly amazing ang ating baby darren, He is a truly gifted kid, sabi nga ni Ms. Leah lahat na ibiniyaya na sa kanya ni Lord, good singing voice, good looks, good manners…He is truly worth watching! Go Darren, and dont forget to thank God for everything He has been doing to you.

  41. Am I a member na…????? please let me know…. THANKS!!!!! I’m an avid fan of BIG D>>> :)

  42. WHOA OH!!!!!! YESS< I'm now a member!!!

  43. darrensky says:

    Hello fellow darrenatics! pa-help naman to like and share. Please????

    Kindly click on the link above and LIKE/SHARE. This kid will be very happy to receive your votes. Your <3 and support is greatly appreciated. ;)

    1 like = 1 million thank you!

  44. renz bayot says:

    hlo i hope i will meet you here in zambo because im your die heart fan i hope you will have a malltour in city mall zamboanga thank you

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