Jed and Darren: Making Beautiful Music Together

Jed & DarrenThe music industry has grown in proportions,not just with the increasing number of new artists sprouting, but as well as the introduction of a wide range of music genres. This statement holds true for both the local and international scene. And due to such growth, majority of these singers make sure that they interest their listeners with their line-up of songs.

But what makes each artist rise above the rest is their ability to be flexible in their craft, and of course, the unexplained “X factor”.

Today, two of the most prominent and sought after singers/performers have dazed the entertainment scene with their remarkable and outstanding tandem. One is dubbed as an award-winning international singer, while the other is a rapidly rising star who has won the hearts of many people because of his magnificent voice and personality. We’ve heard them belt out classic and modern tunes together, but the public could not just get enough of them. Who they are? Let’s find out.

Born as John Edward Tajanlangit, a native of Iloilo City who has taken the screen name Jed Madela, is one of the most idolized singers nowadays because of his powerful countertenor vocal range and brilliant achievements. As the pride of the University of San Agustin in Iloilo, where he finished Business Administration,Jed conquered the music scene with his extraordinary voice. Gifted with amazing talent, he started singing at age 5 and had been a constant winning contender in several competitions here and abroad. His sheer level of competency in singing has opened many doors of opportunity in show business. Besides the notable awards he received including the “Voice of Asia,” multiplatinum albums, and of course, the WCOPA World Champion and Hall of Famer award, he is now entrusted with a bigger title. He is the representative of the OPM Music Industry and one of the executive council members of the National Committee on Music. As a sub-commission on the arts of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), the National Committee on Music helps Filipino artists’ develop and lays out programs and policies to uphold the Philippine culture and arts through music.


Jed and Darren on ASAP

Even before he was granted these responsibilities, Jed has been an advocate of Filipino artistry especially among the new and promising ones. Jed, in one of his interviews said he is very much willing to help out those who have high potentials to succeed in the industry. In spite of all his accomplishments,his exceptional humility became the highlight of his image as a singer.

The modesty that Jed possesses equates to that of the Total Performer, Darren Espanto. This Fil-Canadian boy who once dreamt of becoming a famous singer has caught the Philippines and Canada by surprise! Starting out in singing contests, same as Jed, Darren Espanto also had to work hard in order to reach his current standing in the music industry.

Their love for art, the willpower to pursue their dreams, and the humility in their hearts have brought these two singers together. Like all other Darrenatics, Jed has witnessed Darren’s prowess during The Voice Kids’ (TVK)Blind Audition aired last June 1, 2014. When asked what his first impression was of the young singer, Jed Madela during the #AskJed sessions in Twitter said, “Ang galing talaga.”


Power duet during Jed Madela’s All Request 2 Concert

When Darren ended up as a runner-up, Jed’s posts all over the social media scene supporting Darren garnered several vehement reactions from readers. To this moment, he claimed he never had any regrets though, regardless of what other people said. Jed believes in Darren’s unmatchable talent and the pureness of his character.

The two first showed their impressive vocal supremacy in one of the episodes of Kris TV last August 4, 2014. They first sang Basil Valdez’ Ngayon, which was Darren’s signature song during TVK’s finals night. The harmony created between the two made the host, Kris Aquino, stand in appreciation. Stunned by the performance, Kris requested for another song. They gave justice when they sang “Better Days” by Dianne Reeves together.

Due to strings of online requests, the two performers sang their own rendition of Martin Nievera’s Ikaw ang Pangarap last August 10, 2014 in ASAP 19. The excitement of the viewers echoed all over the studio.

Because of their perfect combination and unbeatable stage presence, they also performed during the ABS-CBN Trade Launch last August 30, 2014 singing Sana Maulit Muli. Their acrobatic vocal styles wowed the audience and co-stars.

One can see the support that Jed is showing Darren as he gives way for the young performer to shine in every duet they have.

Their tandem didn’t stop there. Darren was one of the guest performers of the recently concluded “All Request 2”, Jed Madela’s concert last September 12, 2014. A week or two before the concert, the tickets were sold out.

Many became instant supporters of the two, Jed Madela fans turned into Darrenatics, and vice versa. They jam-packed the Music Museum and displayed their full support to both icons. The concert was a blast. According to those who watched, it was all worth it! Musical director Homer Flores did a stupendous job in coming up with a Whitney Houston medley for Jed and Darren.

photo courtesy of Darren's InstagramTheir excellent rendition of the songs, I Will Always Love You, Try It on My Own, I Have Nothing, The Greatest Love of All, and One Moment in Time left the crowd awed and garnered them a standing ovation. The crowd couldn’t be more thrilled when Darren sang his audition song “Domino” coupled with endearing and graceful dance moves. People couldn’t help but notice how Jed made Darren shine in his concert. He gave such wonderful praises for Darren. From the comments Jed shared, it’s no doubt that their friendship has gone beyond singing and mentoring, it’s now more of a sibling relationship that is sure to prosper through the years.

Now that Darren will be having his solo concert in the same venue, many are hopeful that Jed Madela will be one of his guests. However, based on his recent updates, Jed will be in Canada, disabling him from being part of Darren’s solo concert on October 4, 2014. Still, the fans are optimistic for a favorable result.

Looking at the brighter side of things, there are more performances that we can look forward to from both singers – more sing-offs, showdowns and collaborations. Their careers have a long way to go and surely, their limelight will never turn dim.There can only be one Jed Madela and one Darren Espanto who can make such beautiful music together!

-Elisa Lim

Click here to see more photos of the Jed Madela: All Request 2 Concert

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  1. Chaolette Q. Campos says:

    We cannot please everybody to like Darren. Even though how spectacular he is, some were not happy and contented for his BEST, we’ll that’s an innate personality of a person. So, Darrenatics let’s just support Darren and never ever hear those “stigmatizing words’ of the others.

    #Godbless you Darren Espanto..My idol.:)
    #PRoud Darrenatics.
    #with my sister

    • rheve lynlove says:

      Very well said.. Darren is the only one..its a long journey for him but we will surely give our full support to this beloved kid..

    • Luisa Dacanay says:

      This boy is really amazing. People who don’t appreciate his talent is non sense people who cannot distinguish the real talent. I might say whoever criticized this boy doesn’t have a good taste.

  2. vincent says:

    idol na paka ganda ng boses mo hahahaha domino parang mag tatay kayo

  3. Vergel B. Berdan says:

    Well what can I say Darren destined to be a star with the humility and talent that he is showcasing right now I have no doubt that he will be an asset in the music industry. I am a teacher and I am very happy that most of my students change their behavior because of Darren. One of my student told me that he want also to be a role model just like Darren. Darren you are such an inspiration. You touches the mind and heart of the people who supported you. Keep it up kiddo. Dream high and without any hesitation achieve your dream to be the brightest star of your generation. To sir Jed Madela my admiration. Thank you for all the support and love that you bestowed to Darren. As a Darrenatic I appreciate it so deeply. No amount of words can ever express how grateful Iam because you are always there for Darren.

  4. Marlene Basilio says:

    Jed & Darren – you are both great singers with big heart ! Thank you so much Jed for appreciating & supporting Darren.
    Darren with your wonderful talent from God, there’s no doubt you will go places and indeed you will be one of the great assets in the music industry.
    All the best for you. Stay humble. Take care & God bless !

  5. Bern says:

    Great combination! See you in Nueva Ecija. Wishing both of you the best. Blessings

  6. Mariane Allysa L. Medina says:

    ang pogi ni Darren

  7. Harlyn Bautista says:

    Super galing mo tlga…khit n ano p sabihin nila…love p rin kita…proud darrenatics ata 2….godblessyoy..more blessing 2 come..good health…and always take care…love u darren

  8. Cynthia ito says:

    We love you Darren and Jed !!!

  9. amie schneider says:

    WOW my 2 favorite singer and amazing performer Darren and Jed the pride of all Filipinos ..always akong excited pagkatapos ng work ko kasi makikita ko naman mga update ng baby darren ko so happy palagi cyang trending likewise to Mr Madela so much thank you for taking care of our little Star Darrren …we love you both …

  10. Beth Montecillo says:

    The pride of the Philippine Music Industry has been raised elevated by these two stout hearted guys who possess exuberant and huge vocals…Jed Madela and Darren Espanto. Your voices do not only go to my ears, it penetrates to my bones through my heart with soothing effect. I can not deny the fact that you can always capture my attention and admiration in awe. You bring pure joy in the heart of your fans. You are a perfect duo…your semblance is not only in your vocal range but in the good looks and unassuming personality. And that makes us love you. I hope to see you again share the stage in your performances. Glory to God for your lives Jed and Darren !

  11. Gingerly says:

    We love you Bebe Darren and Sir Jed! Thank you so much for always showing us awesome performances.

    I’m so excited for Darren’s solo concert and I’m hoping that Sarah G. will be on his concert. I must say that apart from being called as little Jed, I also see Darren as male version of Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo. I love you Bebe! God bless!

  12. Edna Barcarse says:

    Yes, Darren is already established. The way he deliver the song is exceptional, he performs like a professional, he make it sure that his stage presence is really excellent in every performance,

    though nobody’s perfect but I rate him perfect in all aspects. I owe you Darren because you make my life became more meaningful. Everytime i hear you singing, it seems that all the worries that i

    have are gone at that moment, that is why i always listen to your songs, hoping that all my worries will be gone permanently. I am looking forward to see you when i will be having my vacation in

    the Philippines. My advise for you is to always stay humble, love your fans as they love you, prioritize your health, always pray and thank God for all the blessings that He is giving you and please

    don’t ever think that you don’t deserve to be the TVK champion, because for all of us Darrenatics, you are the most deserving among the finalists, your talent is million miles away from your

    opponents. But anyway you can’t please everyone, just continue do your best and always believe in yourself and all the Darrenatics are proud to support you forever!!!!

  13. yen hadap says:

    very well said po talaga… lahat totoo.. perfect tandem sila.. looking forward for more performances . God Bless po.. :)

  14. Darren Espanto is always been Existing ,, ! Nkakaproud maging fan niya at maging Part ng TEam all over the world .. he really seize his moment everytime he performs onstage ! .. A PHENOMINAL PERFORMANCE from a TOTAL PERFORMER ! .. HE’S GREAT .kaya lalo akong nkikicrazy everytime i saw him .. I Love TO BE A darrenATICS .. TO BE WITH THEM FOREVER .. DARREN’S TALENT MAKES ME FEEL INSPIRED EVERYDAY ! THE SAME AS WITH JED MADELA ! THEIR DUETS AND PERFORMANCES ARE EXTREMELY GREAT ! .. BE STRONG AND GODBLESS YOU ! MORE CONCERT PA PO SA INYO .. for SURE ALL DARRENATICS WILL SUPPORT YOU ! , STAY BLESSED ! IM HERE TO SUPPORT YOU GUYZ KAHIT DI TAYO MAGKAKILALA …. I LOVE YOUR TANDEM ! // LOVE.LOVE.LOVE ! CONTINOUS SUPPORT IS ALL I HAVE FOR YOU 1!!!!!!!!!1

  15. Ivy says:

    Ever since I watched the sing offs and Darren belted out amazingly “LISTEN”, he reminded me of Sir Jed Madela and from that time I knew people would request for duet. I am a super satisfied listener and fan of the songs the both of you collaborated. I only watch through the screens and I always CANT BREATH on your performances, how much more if its live. Somebody must give me oxygen. And my reaction?- smile, jawdropped, goosebumps, wow, superb and wanting more to the extent that I raped the replay button. Honestly its my first time to be obsessively waiting for updates of Darren. I wake up early and sleep late coz i will hate myself if I miss a guesting, shows, performances and updates ’bout Darren. I just need my daily dose of vit. D. And I am wowed how Sir Jed praise Darren, a big star praising a rising star, so humble of him. What more can we say about Darren..a good son, a good brother, a good friend, a good student, a good singer, a good dancer, with a good heart to everyone and lets not forget the good looks. Everything good that makes him best. An inspiration to everyone. Who would not support a kid like this? To Sir Jed, thanks for supporting Darren and in return we will support you all the way. Everyone that loves and appreciate Darren, we will love him/her too..To Darren, just stay humble kid as you soar high! God Bless!!!

  16. john Dexter says:

    Gustong ko manunod ng concert nila Darren and jed madela

  17. grabe darren espanto ang galing mo tlaga ido na idol kita kung minsan nga napapagalitan ako sa kakasigaw pag nakikita kita sa tv :)

  18. Yiel Atienza says:

    Grabe! Sa tingin ko wala ng tatalo sa tandem ni Darren at ni sir Jed! Whooo! Thumbs Up for these two great artists! :D

  19. Venus Gordo says:

    Grabe idol ang galing mo talaga! I love you so much Darren!
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


  20. Venus Gordo says:

    Sir Jed idol ko din po kayo! Ang galing niyo pareho!
    :-) :-) :-)

  21. Laiza says:

    well, since nakita ko siya sa blind siya na talaga bet ko. he deserved lahat ng nangyayari sa kayang career ngayon. he’s so nice, feeling ko lang. parang ang bait na kapatid anak at kaibigan.. God bless you.. keep up the good work. stay humble my dear. one day makikita din kita.

  22. Camz says:

    wow na wow! Ang Galing lang :) Godbless! Stay humble Darren :) So proud. Sobrang Galing <3

    • Elvira Pagar says:

      As a DH i dont have no interest in music coz nothing really suits my taste dahil parang wala akong naiintindihan sa mga kanta ngayon.May nagugustuhan din ako minsan pero dko na inu ulit ulit pakinggan.But when i came accross this kid wow this is something.I felt energize upon hearing him singing.Napapasayaw ako sa mga upbeats at nakukuha ko ang bawat mensahe ng bawat kantahin nya.sabi nga you cannot please everybody.But who would not appreciate this young man with much talent and humility.Napansin ko pa sa kanya na he doesnt embrace all the stardom for himself if he is with his peers.He would make sure everyone takes it’s share may leadership pa sya when they are on stage.Every little things he does makes wonders for those who loved him like me.Isa pa simple rin sya at nandon parin yong pagkamahiyain nya.But if he sings its a defferent story.He gives justice to the songs his singing.Now he became a part of our lives wanting o see and hear his music.Sya ang muling nagbukas ng musika sa aming mga puso.Stress reliever at pampaganda ng araw nmin kahit hirap sa trabaho.Sana di sya magbago at laging mabait.At isa pa sana mag aral din mabuti nandito lang kami na nagmamahal at susmusuporta sa kanya.God Bless and morepower.And more success o comeWe love you from hongkong team

  23. indira jamel says:

    wow!! galing talaga ni darren :) sana punta ka dito ulit sa cebu kahit mall tour lang :) d kasi ako nakapunta sa waterfront nung nanditu ka /// :( sna pumunta ka ditu cebu heheh :) galing mo talaga idol : )waaaaaaaa

    • ladypurple says:

      Ever since i saw u Darren in TVK i’ve started to like u as one of ur avid fans…Because i remember my son just like ur age, not just ur such a very talented person it’s bec. u are a very polite child & has a very good heart…I am hoping & praying to GOD that someday my son wl be like u a very good loving person..Stay ur foot on the ground the more people wl like & love you most…MORE BLESSINGS TO COME…Take good care of your health…Love u Kiddo.

  24. eloide mero says:

    sobrang galing,,,,Thanks Sir Jed For Having Darren…We Love you

  25. ysabel bianca says:

    Wow! galing talaga nila kumanta ! naiiyak talaga ako pag nakakarinig ako ng magagandang boses T_T …tumataas balahibo ko kapag nagduduet sila … OA ko ba ? wala eh .. ganun talaga ako first time ko kc maging fangirl at kay Darren pa :D Sana mameet ko siya ng personal (hoping) *0*

  26. kyla says:

    go darren ang galing galing mo talaga idol na idol kita grabe sana pagpunta ko sa 1st solo concert mo mas lalo akong sumaya oh my gosh darren iloveyou goodluck :)

    • Darren wish ko sayo sana hindi k magbago stay mabait hanggang s huli :-)katulad n charice yung sumikat na siya ay nagbago na siya naging mayabang n siya sana ikaw hindi katulad niya ako nanghihinayang kay charice kasy naging fan niya ako mahusay siya na international singer.pero ngayon ex-international na siya:-( gd bless u darren espanto sana mag wish ka sa panginoon na hindi magbabago ang voice mo i love you darren espanto bilang fans mo

  27. Sana si darren ma interview siya sa mga international like hellen katulad n charice divah sumikat siya dahil kay hellen sana maging international siya

  28. Suggestion:

    Mas maganda po sana kong magkaroon ng chat room or chat box dito sa website ni bebe darren. Mas makaka-interact tayo lahat mga darrenatics. Tingin ko po kasi, ang dahilan bat na phase out ang frenzter kc wala silang chat box unlike fb. Mas maganda kasi yong makakachat tayo ng real time, with those cute memes or emojis hehehehe. =) Mas maging lively tong website n bebe, marami tatambay dito, isa nako don. Mas dadami tayo! Promise =)

  29. bernadeth brier says:

    grabe galing tlga ng duet na to as in nung napanood ko to i said in 1 word…AMAZING…their both magaling…sana more music pa for them together. I am very proud to be a Darrenatics ano mang pangbabash ang gawin ng iba kay bebe darren hind parin magbabago ung pagsuporta at pagmamahal sknya ng mga fans nya…all genders and all ages…here in the philippines and outside iba tlga ang Darrenatics very UNITED. I suppoet Darren not only only bcos of his talent but mostly of his attitude..very mannerly and loving…kya baby Darren soar high!!! Darrenatics are all here to support and love you..all the way!!!

    • Ako dn proud darrenatics dn ako sana po patuloy po ang blesseng ni darren s buhay niya at sana walang magrereclamo s mga lakad niya marami ksy ako naririnig na magsabi na maraming mall tour dw si darren dvah sabi n darren s interview masaya dw siya na maraming opportonities n darating s kanya at bless dn siya kasy yun ang pangarap niya

  30. Nance Alimorong says:

    Because we love Darren so much since his blind audition, got our VIP Gold tickets for his upcoming concert with my Sis.

    Bravo! Darren, you are such amazing performer to watch.


    #PROUD DARRENatics.
    #Certified DARRENatics.

  31. aubrey says:

    Grabeeeeeeee1!!!!! HANGOVER NA ITO! ☺
    WE Love YOU DARREN! ☺
    DARRENatics Are Alwayss Here For You Muahhh! ☺

  32. Ariel Matias says:

    I always watched him on Iwanttv and Youtube….malayo pa mararating mo Darren…ang lakas ng karisma mo mapabata man o matanda…they admire you very much..>Godluck and Godbless…keepsafe lil bro…find time to rest…huwag abusuhin ang katawan…stay healthy!

  33. Ariel Matias says:

    sino po mga guest ni Darren sa concert niya?
    Ang galing nila ni Jed nong concert…

  34. Ginger lee says:

    Sana maging guest ulit ni Sir Jed si Bebe sa All Requests 3.

  35. winnonah joy says:

    uper galing mo talaga!
    you always make me smie!ur the one darren!

  36. winnonah joy says:

    your so nice darren!! you always make the darrenatics happy :D your the one on our heart!!

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