My Birthday with Darren

Darren Espanto Singapore fansIt was early evening on March 13, 2015, when I started to tremble. On my way to the airport, my whole body was shaking. While paying my taxi fare, the driver asked me what happened. I just replied, oh I’m okay. It’s just a D.E. syndrome – #TakaModeAngDriver. After a few minutes, Darren has finally arrived at Changi Airport and my heart beats out of time. The whole Darrenatics Singapore team enthusiastically welcomed Darren to Singapore with the rest of the TVKids. Bouquet of flowers were given to the girls and teddy bears & chocolates to the boys. Cameras were flashing, videos’ rolling and taking selfies with Darren seems to be a never ending scenario at Singapore Changi Airport arrival area. When one of the teamSg admins whispered to Darren that I’m the birthday celebrant, he greeted me and said, happy birthday po! Oh dear! I was stunned when I heard his angelic voice, but finally managed to say, thank you baby and have a selfie with him before heading to the restaurant for a dinner party.

Birthday with Darren EspantoThe most memorable moment of my life has come – Dinner with Darren! It was one of the most anticipated moments for me and for the rest of the team, Darrenatics Singapore. I couldn’t believe that I got the chance to celebrate my 40th birthday in advance with the most-loved kid, Darren Espanto. It was a night full of fun and happy memories. A double celebration, welcoming of Darren to Singapore and a birthday celebrations for me, tvk Darlene and Ian (DarrenaticsPH Head). At the restaurant, Darren was so enthusiastic and full of energy to celebrate with me and the rest of the teamsg. He enjoyed a lot – savouring the sumptuous taste of foods, taking pictures with all of his beautiful titas and ates, video greetings and giving us the sweetest hug in the world, the BEARHUG. An intimate hug that he gave to us individually as a sign of gratefulness and expression of gratitude to the team for welcoming him wholeheartedly and letting him feel at home. A birthday celebration couldn’t be more happier without a cake. Candle blowing moment was full of fun and excitement. Singing “Happy Birthday” song, counting 1 2 3 and blow – Darren was the cutest, blowing his cake pretending he has also a candle on it (wala kc cyang candle coz welcome cake ung sa kanya…he he!). To add more spice to the candle blowing moment, JK joined us bringing his phone as if a piece of cake “apple” flavor and blew it. Then, Mitoy passed the box of the cake to JK putting a small hole on top of the box, inserted the candle and blurted out: JK blow! Everybody was laughing and absolutely enjoying the night. I was so pleased to hear also Ms. Ladine Roxas and Sir Vhenee Saturno saying thanks to all of us, Darrenatics Singapore for a job well done. We ended the night with a gift giving. As we love Darren the most, he got the highest number of gifts. As a fan, to be greeted a Happy Birthday by your idol not only thrice was more than winning a sweepstakes. To be able to hug him so tight and be reciprocated by a more intimate bearhug from him was a heavenly feeling. Having a chance to kiss his cheek so tenderly and be responded by another birthday greeting was another wonderful feeling – a feeling of tremendous happiness and fulfillment. The night was ended with a heartfelt thanks to each and everyone, most especially to the persons who made the dinner possible – Bambi Samonte, Darrenatics Singapore head admin and Marie Torrato, concert producer.

Darren TVK Concert in SingaporeFinally, the actual moment of celebration has come. March 15, 2015, my 40th birthday and Darren’s concert @ The Max Pavilion in Singapore. I celebrated one of the most important milestones in my life with a bang. It’s my first time to attend a concert of a young Filipino artist. An artist that the whole world love the most, Darren Espanto. I was so excited to watch Darren perform live on stage. Team Singapore started the day with a photo shoot and video greetings. As an active member, I made sure not to miss the group pictorial event. After a few hours, the concert proper has started. Front acts performed well and the masters of ceremonies were absolutely lively. The whole Pavilion was full of very enthusiastic and energetic Darrenatics. When the TVK VTR was shown on screen, my heart starts to pound. Darlene performed first, followed by JK and then Lyca. As always, save the best for last. It’s Darren’s turn. Domino – the first song he sang. The audience became crazy, amazed and awed by his incredible moves and amazing voice. It was a standing ovation performance of Darren. Darrenatics were absolutely hyper and the rest of the fandoms also cheered for Darren. The whole evening was full of excitement, happiness and good memories for me and the whole DarrenaticsSg team. It was concluded by a successful meet and greet event – CDs were sold-out. Darren’s D’ INVASION 2015 SINGAPORE was indeed a huge success. And my 40th birthday celebration was a moment to remember. I may never be seeing often the kid that I love the most like a son or a nephew, Darren Espanto, but the memories he shared with me are more than enough to treasure a lifetime. #MorePowerDarrenaticsSg


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  1. ..I guess that birthday is one of the “COOLEST” birthday I’ve ever heard.. For me that’s a dream come true… My dreams will only come true when I’m asleep (you know what that means)… Seeing him on my birthday will be the greatest thing has ever happen to me or seeing him on the stage(not by via TV) that will do.. Hoping of seeing you someday.. <3 <3 Kisses and Hugs <3 <3 .. (..Always supporting you..) :)

  2. alvin says:

    Helow guys san pumunta si darren sa sm marlao sa bday ko
    Happy bday darren espanto

  3. Rizza Lagonero Clark says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH Multimedia Team for featuring Darrenatics Singapore in our Darrenatics Anniversary issue of Emag D’Chronicles! My utmost thanks too for featuring my story here at Fans’ Corner. It is with great pleasure to share a story of a true blue Darrenatic and inspire the rest of the Darrenatics to be more enthusiastic in supporting our only love, BabyDarren! Luv u bebe! Special thanks to admins Bambi Samonte, Jeff Torres, Ian Estevez and teamsg admins who made this event possible. #ProudTeamSg

  4. nung birthday ni D masaya ako kasi birthday ko din nung time na un..

  5. jasmin cruz says:

    nung b day ko masaya ako pero nung b day ni D mas na ging masaya ako

  6. jasmin cruz says:

    super duper idol ko darren espanto lhat ng kanta mo naging favorite ko at naka bisa do ko

  7. Wow, you’re so lucky po! Celebrating your Birthday with the total performer? OMG :D The TeamSG has the greatest stories! napaka Lucky! Mabuti pa po kayo, Nameet nyo po si Darren, tapos you celebrated pa po your 40th Birthday with him, JK, Darlene, and kuya Mitoy, halos lahat po kami pinangarap na magcelebrate ng B-day with him, kaya, you’re so lucky po! <3

    • mercy says:

      i really really like darren espanto sana maka piling ko din cya khit na sa birthday ko nlng

    • Rizza Clark says:

      Yes dear, I was so lucky to have celebrated my birthday with baby Darren last March. Thanks God! Pinagdasal ko lang kay God nun masilayan c Bebe, pero mahigit pa ang binigay ni Lord. #HappinessOverload

  8. Aida B. Macadanon says:

    oh my god..your so lucky po..i hope ako din maka try na mag birthday with Darren..

  9. Dear:Darren
    I’am happy na nakita Kita I’am Thankful din sa MAma And Papa Ko Because Pinayagan nila ako na pumunta sa Mall Show moo…!!!!!
    Sana MAkita ulit Kita At sana Sa susunod May Selfie and Autograph na ako Sau,,!!!!!!!! :) :)

    Nagmamahal:Keena Dolindo

    I Wish Sana Maka try Ako Namakasama Kita Sa Birthday MMO…!

  10. ilove having birthday w/ darren espanto

  11. Duenne Lathrop says:

    day passes by, i always think a lot of things about Darren and why he have it. because i’m asking my self, why for me he is perfect, he doesn’t have flows? and why i like Darren.? he is one of my inspirations that’s why i am on the peak of our rankings,i am glad to be one of the Darrenatics in the world or universe rather because his music can take away my pains .My birthday passes by even though we don’t have food to eat i’m still happy and i still enjoy my b-day because for me i have the presence of Darren with me.

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