Share D’ Love: A DARRENatics Charity Event

Darrenatics Charity EventPsalms 82:3-4:
Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed. Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.

Last July 18, 2015, the DARRENatics conducted a Charity Event together with the partnership of Alay Pag-Asa Christian Foundaion with their mission in “Giving hope to children-at-risk, their families and communities through holistic transformation.” It was a day full of surprises which awaits a hundred of less fortunate children.

Sponsors and volunteers from different areas and subgroups have united for one main goal- to “Share D’ Love”.

The program started with a prayer, said praises and Thanksgiving to Him above who first called us to do this, for all the blessings that we, as one united DARRENatics Family had recieved together with Darren’s uncontainable success in his chosen and God given craft.
Followed by the fun-filled games, dance showdowns and sing offs for the kids! A group of girls cheerfully belted out “In Love Ako Sa ‘Yo” and won Darren’s debut album with his sign on it that made them giggle in joy!

darrenatics charity eventAfter composing themselves, dedicated volunteers tirelessly distributed food for the children. And because it was obviously evident at the venue how we stood to the color green, we laughed way too hard when a kid asked one us when she was given the banana, “Wala bang saging na green?” It was quite hilarious!

Moving forward, kids went on voluntarily to the pulpit to sing and dance which brought so much fun and laughter to everyone’s faces especially when some of the volunteers joined them on stage for a showdown! But the last performance pinched our hearts. Nine girls came up to the stage, told us that what are they going to do will be their way of saying “Thank you” to their Kuya Darren and to the DARRENatics who selflessly dedicated time, effort, money, and labor just to put smiles on the children’s faces.

darrenatics charity event1

They sang along with the song “Welcome to the Family” performed with hand gestures. The message of the song was just so soulful that we just can’t contain not to thank God for the success of the charity, that all the hardwork has been paid off. It was said on the lyrics:
“Welcome to the family
We’re glad that you have come
To share your life with us
As we grow in love and
May we always mean to you
What God would have us be
A family always ther
To be strong and to lean on.”

darrenatics share d loveAt the last part of the event, it was a very overwhelming present the Foundation has handed to us, the DARRENatics. A certificate of appreciation and an artwork from a kid which says “Thank you and God bless!”

Thank you to everyone who helped paved the way for this Charity to be made possible and successful: Alay Pag-Asa Christian Foundation, sponsors, volunteers, the 100 children and their families, and of course to God who started and finished it all!

DARRENatics, a fandom with a cause

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  1. Ariel Matias says:

    Good job Darrenatics….God bless us all!

  2. Diana Santos says:

    Nice one darrenatics God bless!!!

  3. ED says:

    Pwede png mag volunteer DARRENatics CAVITE po ako

  4. Hi guys, if you want to know info about Darren’s height. Check it out here:

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