The Test of a Total Performer

10712962_1498889060399034_9007927230184086569_nVancouver was a test of conviction.

Darren Espanto’s Vancouver, Canada concert was an event both memorable not only for the accident which resulted to a fractured hand but also for the rare display of strong conviction of a true artist. He showed everyone that a 13 year-old can be professional. As they say the show must go on.
Together with Mitoy Yonting and Klarisse De Guzman, Darren held a successful concert on 21st November 2014 at the Massey Theater in Vancouver, Canada dubbed “The Voice of Mitoy, Klarisse , Darren” The show also featured Marion Aunor, Himig Handog
2003-2nd Runner-up, and the DynaMix Band.
Prior to the show, the organizers (UMAC Image International and Roxy) held a meet and greet session with the fans. The artists were presented with a Voice cake complete with the famous hand symbol for the Voice franchise. While going to the meet and greet event, Darren accidentally slipped and landed on his left hand which later on was confirmed to have a hairline fracture and would require a cast for one month. Inspite of the pain from his hand, Darren pushed through with his performance and did not give the audience any reason to doubt his talent. He moved to the beat of Domino. His voice soared high to the tunes of “One Moment In Time”and made everyone fall in love with his single from his upcoming solo album, “In Love Na Ako”. He also sang his phenomenal song choice from The Voice Kids Philippines – Listen. He wowed and proved his mettle with Mitoy in their duet number “Alone” where he took on the higher notes. He also sang a duet with Klarisse for the song “Diamonds”. The final number where all artists including Marion Aunor stepped up on stage to perform “ Don’t Stop
Believing”. The Darrenatics Team British Columbia headed by Dhiane Gracie Pineda showed in full
force with almost 90% of the seats occupied by the team donned in their full battle gear of “You Rock Mr. Domino” T-shirt.

1982211_1498905120397428_8811797181469643370_nThe concert was a success in all aspects, with the crowd applauding and cheering for Darren all through out the show. He is and will always be a true total performer. The show in Vancouver was a success not only because fans saw how much talent Darren has but also because they saw and felt how much Darren loved his fans. A true test of conviction, he showed everyone that even though his hand hurt or his health was not 100%, he was there to prove that he can do it. He showed up and conquered the stage. He danced, he moved the audience with his singing-a true Total Performer.

by Bambi

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  1. AngelaMaeRomero says:

    Talagang Total Performer si Darren tignan niyo naman kahit may fracture sa kamay The Show Must Go On parin I’m so Proud that I’m a DARRENatic and I’m so Proud of Darren I love You Darren Always Remeber we’re always here for you :) Keep smiling :) Don’t Mind the Haters Okay? Again Keep Smiling!!!!

    • angel says:

      Magaling siya kahit n may bale kamay naperform pa rin saludo ako sa iyo total performer ka talaga keep it up. Darrenatics forever

  2. Carmela says:

    He really showed that a 13-yr old can be as professional as the elders are. I salute you for that young man! Keep up the good work. Rock on! Although, team bahay lang ako, always remember that this support of mine is as strong as titanium. Chos hahahaha

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